Monday, March 25, 2013

Visiting with the kids

We had a fun time, but an extremely busy time with the family. This is why the blog had such a lengthy gap between postings.

The girls have nice long hair so I can play with making braids in their hair.

This one is called a "fishtail" braid and turned out pretty good.

This one was harder, it's called the "waterfall" braid and I have yet to perfect it.

During our stay we got to watch Em receive a guitar lesson from her Dad, a very talented musician in his own right and a patient teacher.

And of course there's always the happy slobbering from Zeke, our granddog.

Kiersten is a very good piano player and we got to listen to some of her medlies.

this is her patented "crazy llama" face

And just in case you think she's all serious in her music, rest assured...she's as goofy as the rest of our family.

This family packs in more activities than two old people can keep up with, so the blog posts have been few ...actually missing for several days.  We've had dance lessons, volleyball tournaments, guitar and piano lessons, playing with the dogs, and much that I've already forgotten.

Call it what you will, confusion, chaos, sensory overload...this is our family.

Long live the Queen of Family Fun



  1. What wonderful photos. Your family is just beautiful. And that dog!! I just love him!! I've never seen, or heard of, a waterfall braid. How very interesting and quite pretty. Enjoy your family. Your blog will still be there when the visit is over. Have a fabulous time. Hugs, Edna B

  2. This experience is always to remind us why they give children to young parents... Of course when I read what all you and Pete are up to every day, I get tired just reading about it...

  3. This is truly wonderful. You are very blessed.