Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The airline experience

Okay, this photo has nothing to do with the post - but it just struck me as funny.
It had been a while since we've flown anywhere. But when we returned to the home area for Left Brain's award driving was not an option given the freezing temperatures and cost of gas.  That and we just aren't ready to give up the southwest yet to return to Wisconsin with the dirty snow and mud stage of spring.

Our flight out of Las Vegas was normal enough and just the way we like our flights...uneventful.

Returning from Minneapolis to Las Vegas was quite a bit different.  The only thing similar was that I was stuck in the middle seat again.  This was easier when I was a thin person, but I still believe the seats are shrinking.  But then again, this is my theory for what's happening to my clothes in the laundry, so I could be wrong.  Shocker, I know...but it has been known to happen.

We arrived at the airport the two hours in advance they recommend and it was like walking into a mall.  As airports go the Minneapolis airport is a beauty.  Lots of shops to browse through and restaurants to enjoy.

Next to the Information Desk were signs telling us that indoor bathroom spaces were available for your pets.  Now that's a cool idea.  I'm not sure what people did before this option.  I know I would have trouble waiting throughout the entire procedure.

The major change we noticed was when arriving at the appointed gate.  Where were the standard rows and rows of chairs to sit on?  These seem to have disappeared.  But in their place were some exciting options. 

There were multitudes of booths for one or two people to sit at with tables and computer screens.  This scenario was replayed in the nearby restaurant and again in a higher barstool type seating.

You selected your flight on the screen to monitor your flight and then could either play games or order food and beverages which were then brought to you.  The prices on these options were pretty inflated, as can be expected when you are held as a captive audience.  However, the waitress did come around and provide water to anyone waiting.

When we boarded the plane and got settled in they did the standard schpiel about safety procautions and then announced the movie.  Movie?  I thought those were only on overseas flights.  And the movie was Hitchcock, one I wanted to see but seemed to be announced in the movies but never actually shown anywhere we were.

The lady next to me had her Kindle and was watching a movie on it.  I sat quietly next to her with my first edition dinosaur of a Kindle and read.  My how things have changed!  I wonder how I could "accidentally" destroy mine to get a new one.  Perhaps I could slip it under the tires and have Left Brain run over it with See-More.

It is true, the times they are a changing.

Long Live the Queen


  1. Sure way to get a new Kindle...I had the 1st Kindle, a hand me down from hubby. We went out for the afternoon. I left my Kindle on the bed where I was reading. Came home and the Kindle was on the floor. Lots of pin holes in the leather cover. Oh wait, those are teeth marks. Our Setter thought it was a chew toy. Screen broke. Oh geeze, now I "have" to get a new Kindle (paperwhite)which I LOVE. And the Setter got a cookie for his good deed!

  2. Debbie is right ... you need to get a cat (or dog ... but a cat is better for a canned ham), rub your Kindle with catnip and then leave for awhile ... there is hope for you yet:)

    Your airport experience is unique ... believe me, no such thing around me. It is the same ol', same ol'... standing in lines and sitting on hard chairs. Their are restaurants close by if you want to buy a old stale donute for twenty times what it is worth. I say you picked the right place to go, especially since your awesome, fun family was there waiting for you. So now that you are home ... where are you? You move around so much, I can't keep up with you. Being of the age where I don't remember things, I have lost track of your position on the map. Anyway, good to have you back ... I sent you an e-mail about Roy Rogers ... did you get it? The sad passing of an era that was so much a part of my youth. Looking forward to your fiesty, fun posts again, Queen of Humor.

    Andrea @ From the Sol

    I love your Granddaughters ... so talented and cute. And Grandma, how do you do the braids and where did you learn it. Very cool. I know my Granddaughter would love it if I could braid her hair that way. So glad to have you back on board. Missed your fun posts, but am happy that you had this wonderful trip and Right Brain was able to receive his award.

  3. Oh my, I adore that old fashioned RV with the outhouse trailing behind. As for the airport, I've never seen one like that either. It would certainly be nice if they all could look like that. Travelling could be so much more fun. I gave my Nook reader to one of my daughters who expressed a wish to have one. This gave me the opportunity for a reason to buy me a tablet. I can watch movies and TV on it, and I have all my books on it. It's only the 7 inch tablet, but I enjoy it.

    Now I'm off to catch up on more reading here. You have a wonderful day. Hugs, Edna B.