Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Ready to roll onward

After our visit back home to see the kids we returned to King's Row to rest and recover before heading onward.

We've enjoyed our stay here in Las Vegas but it's time to go again.  Some call it Hitch Itch.  I've named it Nomadic Fever.
Another favorite name is Restless Wheels Syndrome.

As per usual Left Brain did most of the driving, but I took a stint for a stretch until I couldn't stand it any more.  For me, driving the rig is an anaerobic exercise as it literally seems to take my breath away.  I don't think it's too easy on him either.

We arrived here in Congress AZ to settle in to the North Ranch Escapees park for four days.  It was my turn to take the wheel again to back it into the campsite.  This was my first time backing it up.

He also let me lower the jacks and put out the slides.  Then I gave the inside a good scrubbing to remove a layer of dust and grime.

Now we're getting ready to put some ribs on the grill for supper.  Ah, life is good!

Long Live the Queen of North Ranch


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  1. Let me see if I have this right ... You drove ... you backed up ... you lowered the jacks ... you put out the slides scrubbed the inside ... "Ah, Life is Good"? Do we live in two different worlds? Who cooked the ribs ... Queen of Indenture?

    Andrea @ From The Sol
    P.S. Sorry, Left Brain :)