Thursday, March 28, 2013

Camping World shopping

When Left Brain said he needed a hook to hang the ladder on the back of the motorhome I got so excited.  That meant a trip to Camping World, one of my favorite places to shop.

We found the ladder hook right away so in theory he was ready to go.  But I wanted to browse slowly and see everything.  So he found a nice furniture display and made himself comfortable.

Oh and the treasures I found!  So many kitchen gadgets, so little time.

Our first find coming in the door was this collapsible insulated basket.  We have found recently that when doing outings to parks to go hiking there usually isn't much in the way of food to be had.  So we had just talked about packing a picnic lunch to take with us and here this shows up. 

During our stay with the kids my daughter cooked up some English muffins with eggs and cheese, my favorite offering from McDonalds. 

So I just had to grab one of these cool microwave egg makers.

I like my bacon crispy and it seems to take forever to fry up in a pan, so I got one of these microwave grills for bacon. 

It also showed how to make homemade potato chips with it.

Then there was the fish and vegetable steamer for the microwave.  I miss my old steamer but gave it away because it was too large.  So this will be a nice way to add in some steamed veggies with our meals.

Living in an RV always makes me consider where I will store things due to the lack of space, so all these collapsible products are such a blessing.
This is a mini collander that hangs over the center part of the sink for washing rice, berries, etc.  Now I don't have to drag out the larger one, even though that is collapsible also, it's still overkill for small jobs.

We tend to have a lot of fresh veggies and fruits in our fridge, so this collapsible storage container looked cool to me.  You can either store things in the container when it is flat or expand it for more space.  There is a vent you can open or close depending on what you have in there, as well as a small resevoir at the bottom for water.

They all store nicely in the cabinet over the microwave, a spot that was under utilized by storing the good wine glasses.  Those have been relegated to a lesser area since they are seldom ever used.  I'd rather have these babies close at hand.

Long Live the Queen of Kitchen Gadgets


  1. What fabulous finds! You know, these items would work well for someone living in a small apartment. I like that collaspable picnic basket. That could have several uses. I'll have to look for that egg cooker too. I like those breakfast sandwiches too. Now it's time for me to get busy here. It's good to have to back. You have a wonderful day now. Hugs, Edna B.

  2. My daughter gave us the collapsable picnic basket which is great for the Mazda's trunk . Kids are so smart nowadays.
    :) I think your kitchen is filling up, eh?

  3. You would make a good "Snake Oil" salesman. I am all set to run out and buy all these goodies because you are so convincing and I don't even live in a Canned Ham (sometimes I wish I did ... love all of your adventures). It seems like most men don't get hopped over shopping. My husband goes into a store knowing what he wants and comes out of the store with what he went in for, amen. I think brousing and shopping must be a hook on the DNA of Estrogen because we sure have that hormonal drive. Don't tell the boys, but I think we got the better deal:)

    Well, Easter weekend in upon us ... hope you have a wonderful, Springy time in your new location. And wishing you many shopping opportunities Queen of Found Treasures.

    Andrea @ From the Sol