Thursday, February 28, 2013

Last day in Yuma area


Well it’s the last day here in Rivers Edge RV Resort, things are winding down.  I always have mixed feelings about the transition periods.  Part of me wants to stay because things are familiar, we’ve met some fun people, I feel settled in.  The other part of me is suffering from “Hitch Itch” and wanting to roll on to the next adventure.

It demonstrates how people are more comfortable staying where they are than risking the unknown.  It’s the reason women stay in abusive relationships because no matter how bad it is, you never know what it might be like when you leave.   It’s a constant push-pull but each month it seems to get easier in our tenth month of full-timing.

We’ve accomplished most of our “touristy” activities now and feel ready to move on again.  Yuma is a nice city and has a lot to take in.  We’ve only scratched the surface here and will look forward to visiting it again in the future sometime.

Since I had the table set up inside for the jigsaw puzzle, I figured I might as well put it good use and do some sewing.  I’d accumulated a small stash of fabrics in Mesa and want to try out a quilt pattern I saw in a magazine.  This one will be for my grand-dog, but please don’t tell him… I want it to be a surprise. And if the girls like the way it goes together, I might make one for their new beds.

The pattern is just a square in a square and puts together quite quickly so it would be hard to accomplish.  I’d take the quilt tops to a store to have it quilted for me since that’s too hard to wrestle with in small quarters.  Okay, that’s a cop-out…I just don’t like that part of it and prefer to pay someone else to deal with it on a long arm machine.

I made a visit to the local quilt shop and picked up two southwestern theme fabrics that will be used in a sweatshirt jacket at some point.  I didn’t think I’d have such a need for warm clothes down here, but it can be quite chilly.

Left Brain is off to Mexico on a drug run and I’m doing the laundry.  After I finish up the quilt project I’ll get the machine packed up and we’ll be ready to roll again.

Long Live the Queen of Hitch Itch


  1. A drug run, huh, Good things the cops aren't reading your blog ... or are they? If left-brain is late home for supper, you may know why.

    So you are moving on ... how do you make that decision? Is there a plan ahead of time or do you just get the itch and know it is time to go? I am more like you ... I am forever looking for new adventures ... but Right-Brain, that's another story. He would be the spouse who never left his abusive partner because he "Hates" change. We have reached the point where I am cooking two meals every night because he wants the same ol' stuff over and over and I don't. I love new, different, unusual, unique, strange, varied, odd,novel etc. etc. ... anything but the same ol'. We have learned to accept that we are different and strangely, that is probably why we get along so well. They say opposites attract. It seems what he is good at, I am not and visa versa ... so we have covered all bases that way. Not a bad deal. I do, however, have to do my exploring and little travel that I do, either by myself or with a friend. So, as long as he doesn't mind ... that is what I do. Probably would do it if he did mind, but I don't tell him that:)

    Well, I look forward to seeing where you are off to and what new adventures are in store for you. Hopefully there will be a Quilt shop wherever you go Queen of Quilt Cop-Outs.

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  2. Oh Man ... every time I hit the Publish button and that crazy puzzle comes up I want to gag ... Is there some way I could talk you into being a "Word Varification Free" Blog. I expend all of my energy composing a comment, then have to think some more ... and believe me, I am either blind or stupid because I almost never make it through on the first attempt. Just sayin' :)

    Andrea @ FRom the Sol