Thursday, February 7, 2013

Getting caught up with the blog

Left Brain has finished cleaning up the RV and car now; all the windows are washed and sparkling once more.  I did my part by removing everything from the outdoor bays, cleaning out the compartments and resorting and replacing the items in a more orderly manner.  Now all the craft and sewing items are inside where they are accessible.

There is a rummage sale coming up soon here in the park, so I’m getting all the things that need to be parted with prepared for the sale.  I don’t care if I get any money for the stuff, it will save me having to haul it off.  If I need to do that I noticed a Humane Society Thrift Store in Yuma that I’ll take stuff to.

We took some time to chat with our neighbors next door from Montana.  They are currently in a 13’ Hi-Lo but realized they can’t spend large amounts of time in this, so a new travel trailer will be arriving later this week.

Left Brain watched the Super Bowl and I took the opportunity to have a lengthy chat with the Divine Miss M and then walked down to the clubhouse and worked on some jigsaw puzzles.  I thought I had managed to miss most of the game, but came home to find there had been a lengthy delay due to a power outage.  Outflanked again!  We were reminiscing about how different the two experiences were.  Last year’s Super Bowl was watched on a 7” screen in the original canned ham and this year was on a nice big screen in a recliner.

I’ve located where the Parks and Rec have their pickleball games and we’ll search that out soon.  The RV resort has water volleyball on Tuesday and Thursday, as well as cribbage, so that will fill in some of the other activity slots.  We need to get out and move our bodies a bit if we’re going to keep eating this well!

The library is starting Spanish lessons on Wednesdays, so I’ll be checking that out also.  There’s plenty to do and no excuse to be bored here.


Long Live the Queen


  1. I am absorbing this, taking notes...someday it is my dream to do this. As newlyweds we traveled in an old van, with my old dog. I think it is awesome you can record it this way; I have my old journal.
    McGuffy's Reader

  2. Replies
    1. Okay ... Queen of what? You can't be just "the Queen"! How about Queen of Avoidance (as in avoiding the Super Bowl Game) or better yet, Queen of Outflanked since you didn't do as well at avoidance as you thought you had. Then there is Queen of Nonhoarding ... or more flattering ... Queen of Giving (to the Humane Society). That's a nice one and it speaks to your generosity, right? I'm not done yet ... there are those that you have used before like Queen of Pickleball or one you haven't Queen of Water Volleyball. Maybe Queen of Cribbage ... nah! I've got it Queen of Habla Espanol ... Woo Hoo! That's it ... By the way, great sunset picture. Is it really that beautiful out there all of the time? Be well and rest up. You seem a little flat today :)

      Andrea @ From The Sol

  3. I love your photos, especially the last one. Wow, just gorgeous! I loved Andrea's "Queen" titles. I may have to argue a bit with the Queen of Cribbage. I'm pretty good at cribbage (at least I used to be!) Are you missing this snow? Our airport is shutting down, Most flights have been cancelled already, the Governor wants people off the road by noontime today, and all the schools are closed. You have a fun day, hugs, Edna B.