Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Views of River's Edge RV Resort


For a park we found purely by chance, this is just delightful.  It is located right off Interstate 8 and next to the Colorado River.  We can see the park in Yuma across the water.

When we checked in I was asked if I preferred fish or fowl.  Huh?  This made no sense to me at all until it was explained that one half of the park had streets named after fish and the other half was named after birds.

I was in a “fowl” mood that day, so that’s how we ended up on Osprey Drive.

The lots are large and have a concrete patio, which after time in the rocks and sand of the desert this is very nice, indeed!

Here is a view of the street we live on – we’re in the back on the left.

The sunsets are fabulous here and I couldn’t resist running outside to snap these as I saw them out my window.

The resort has a pool and two hot tubs.  On Tuesday and Thursday they play water volleyball, which is a blast.  I had commented that the only thing that would make it perfect is to add a pickleball court.  This is in the works but I doubt we’ll still be here by its completion.  But the Yuma Parks and Recs offers it for $2 a person as a drop in fee....and it's indoors!

The library has a large collection of books, magazines, movies and jigsaw puzzles.  I’ve been taking advantage of this to read some free books and work on jigsaw puzzles, something that takes up too much space in the RV.

They have a room with pool tables, but we haven’t gotten in there yet to play.

There’s a large community room for dinners and dances, something else we’ve yet to take part in. 

The resort has several laundry areas, bathrooms and showers.  Instead of plugging in multiple quarters you purchase tokens so there’s only one token per load to be inserted.  That simplifies things.

There is a walking path along the river and there are several little areas to go closer to the water and sit.  Several are decorated really cute.

On the front side of the resort there is a dog run that has a collection of antique machinery along the route to decorate it.

The first time I saw this wagon pulled by two horses I just knew I had to fake a photo of See-More in the wagon.  Now we are traveling with a two-horse-power engine.

There are large rows of trees planted between the lots, providing privacy and shade.  Obviously this is an older park as they are huge.  It feels so good to see trees again, and running water…and I mean both watching the river and being able to turn on a faucet!

So, I’m glad we committed to a month here.  In fact we may stay a few extra days as Vicki Lawrence is doing a one woman show at the casino nearby.  We have tickets to see the Temptations there on the 15th already and I noticed the signs for her show as well.

We don’t have any big rush to move on from here, our next route is to head north to Las Vegas to visit the Divine Miss M for a few days.

Long Live the Queen of the Resort


  1. This looks and sounds amazing! Enjoy!

  2. This park looks fabulous! I had to laugh at the photo with the horse drawn wagon. Quite inventive! I'll be looking forward to some gorgeous photos. Now I have to get back to the laundry. Have fun. Hugs, Edna B.

  3. You sure know how to pick them ... what a wonderful place, with so many choices and beautiful scenery and fun stuff. And then you get beautiful sunsets on top of it ... I am green with envy (and that makes me the only green thing in sight around here, because everything is still white and cold).

    I admire the courage of you and Left Brain for going out on the road this way. You will have lived a thousand lives compared to the rest of us ... every day has something new to offer as well as those things, like Pickle Ball, that you can fall back on when you are tired of "new"! So, as I have said before, I will live your adventures vicariously. Enjoying every minute and loving your pictures. It has been a blessing that I found your Blog and you. Have a wonderful Valentine Day, Queen of Adventure.

    Andrea @ From The Sol