Monday, February 25, 2013

Throw aways

I’ve been thinking lately.

Now that we are living in a smaller area it just seemed logical to carry through with keeping a smaller carbon footprint.  So, I’ve attempted to eliminate as much waste as possible.

One of the first things is using fabric shopping bags to cut down on use of the plastic.   There is not an option here that I’ve seen for paper or plastic, it just goes into a plastic bag.   When we had the cats it was okay as those got used for kitty litter cleanup bags.  But with just the two of us the bags seem to grow overnight on their own.

I wish there was a better way to purchase some of the items that come in the plastic boxes, but that just seems to be the way it’s done.  We haven’t found any food co-op type of place yet, so we might have to just live with that. That's the problem with always being on the move, by the time you find something good it's time to depart.

We are living in a disposable society, where things are thrown out rather than be fixed.  I’m from the generation of cloth diapers, but I have to say I enjoyed the disposable ones when the granddaughters were little – much nicer.

While boon docking the plan was to use paper plates to save on washing dishes.  I’ve learned something valuable here.  I hate paper plates.  I would rather wash them rather than eat off the paper ones.

But I have to say that not ALL things disposable are bad.  My favorite thing just happens to be disposable income.

Long Live the Non-Disposable Queen


  1. I agree, I do like disposable income. As for the plastic, I really do wish the whole country (even better, the world) would make recycling mandatory. Paper and cloth are both earth friendly. I buy those bags that the different stores sell to be used as shopping bags. Problem is, now I have a trunk full of them. lol. Now I'm off to have my nap. You have a great day, hugs, Edna B.

  2. Is it convenience or laziness ... I sure don't know, but we used to get a lot of satisfaction out of fixing things. It was kind of a badge (especially for girls, who when I was growing up were supposed to be dumb and helpless)to be able to fix the lawn mower or throw up the hood of your car and fix a problem. Then the plastics came into being, which, by the way, are made from oil which compounds our oil dependency problems. We have plastic bags hanging from trees in the neighborhood that are too high for anyone to get down. And have you ever seen a goose tangled in a plasic coke carton. I say it is laziness mixed with stupidity and indifference. The easier it is the more likely it will happen that way. I tried to teach my kids about the best way to do things that would not be distructive. I know they are aware, as is everyone, but do they do it? ... Some do, most don't. Our environment screams for resolution ... Thanks Queen of Good Sense for bringing this to our attention.