Friday, December 2, 2016

The New and Improved Closet Area

Here's what the closet area looked like before the alterations.  I will admit it looked nicer than what we made it into to, but now it's useable space.

The freezer had to go since we'd never fill it anyway.  Then I asked Left Brain to removethe cabinet and bi-fold closet doors.  Done.

Next was to add metal shelving to this wall with open access to storage items and establishing an area for the litter box.  I found the perfect unit at Target and it was on sale.  Plus it had all these cool accessories to add to it.  Organizing is so much fun!

I had a lucid moment and decided to measure the wall area and check the measurements on the box before hauling it in.  Ooops.  The shelving unit was 1 1/2" too wide.  Dang.  So, I hauled it back to the store and got the one that's only 36" wide...that will work!

Here's the unit in place and you can see the two sliding shelves that clip on to the rack.  I like having an area for the laundry basket, not to mention the paper towel holder up above. Pretty cool, huh?

There's a hook attachment to hang my broom and cleaning tools on.

I realize it's a bit risky having their litter box directly under the storage of the brandy and wine, the idea of Gracie three sheets to the wind is too awful to contemplate.

Hmmm,  maybe a little curtain to give them some privacy would be nice.

Now I feel like this area is under control and to other areas of the house!

Long Live the Organizing Queen


  1. I think a privacy curtain might be a nice idea for the litter box area. I agree that useable is better than pretty. Have fun decorating!! And have a great day, hugs, Edna B.

  2. And a good place for the litter box.