Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Creating a Kitty Cubby

All felines like a good hiding place, and ours are no exception, and if that space can be up high...well that's a real score.

The area above the fridge is inaccessible (to me) without a step stool, so I figured why not remove the doors and make it a cozy nook for George and Gracie to hide in.

Here is how it looked before, painted white and complete with doors and spindles:

Then the doors and dreaded spindles were removed:

Hmm, it's a good start, but the cardboard cat bed had to go. 

There, now it seems to be more inviting and I find George up here a lot, except he's above the cabinets instead of inside it.

I painted it the same gray as the cabinets to make it feel more cat cave like.

He seems to be ignoring the wire bed in the cubby, but seems to have a thing going on with this new chick.

Yup, nobody up here but us chickens.

Long Live the Queen of Cats


  1. Oh what a splendid Idea. I do love that gray. I think that George and the new chick are just too cute together.
    I sure wish that I had your energy. For now I am still struggling to get a box unpacked every day. Until my bookshelf is fixed one big box that is in my way will have to stay packed. I hope that I can get it repaired soon.
    Enjoy your evening... Beth

  2. What a super idea for the cats. George looks so comfy and at home in his new resting spots. I see he likes the chicken too! Smart pussy cat!! Hugs, Edna B.