Friday, December 30, 2016

Bathroom is Done

Finally...a room is complete.

It started with buying a a new shower curtain and then I used the greenish blue color in it to chose a paint color for the cabinets.

New light fixtures were purchased to make the shower rod, and new towel hangers as well.

The hardware was changed to a oiled bronze color as well, ridding the room of all the brassy gold.

Left Brain even used a hammered effect spray paint to paint the fixtures in the tub.

There, that room is checked off our list.  On to the next!

Long Live the Queen


  1. It looks great. It must be nice to have a regular sized bathroom & shower instead of a motorhome size. Enjoy!!

  2. A room that's finished - what a novel idea. Wonder how long before I can say that???

    Anyway, love your colors. It looks really nice

  3. The bathroom looks lovely. I especially like the blue paint on the cabinet doors. Hugs, Edna B.