Saturday, December 31, 2016

Decorating the Hutch Area

One of the first things I fell in love with was this built in hutch and the possibilities of what I could do with the blank wall next to it. 

As much as I love the cut glassware left behind, there was an awful lot of it.  I had to pare down so I could add other items to the shelves.

 After I removed the spindles and doors I had Left Brain paint the insides of the cabinets yellow for a little color and warm.

I'd considered leaving the cabinet doors off, but fear what mischief Gracie could do with open access.  I can almost hear the sound of breaking glass in the night.

Plus, I kind of like the leaded glass doors now that the insides are brightened up. Plus changing out the hardware helped alter the appearance a lot.

I hadn't planned to put the Kitchen Aid here, but this area provides a high clearance, so it's where it landed.

Next came the yellow clock I picked up at Kohl's on sale to add the pop of yellow I wanted in this room. 

I'd found this quote at Hobby Lobby and it described our journey perfectly so I added it below the shelf on that blank wall.  It is a stick on decal and wasn't horrible to apply, but it had its challenges. 

I also had picked up some removable wallpaper that resembled old wood and decided to try using it as a surface for the hutch to fit in with my vintage farmhouse look.

I'm trying to stay with artificial succulents in my arrangements because they reflect the desert life and are more easily washed.  Remember all that dust in the desert.

This was another first for me and there were some swear words used during the installation.  This is not a good job for when you are tired, the paper seemed to stick to everything but where I wanted it.

Long Live the Queen of Transparency


  1. What a nice transformation. The yellow really perks everything up nicely. I'm thinking you maybe should have been an interior decorator!! Hugs, Edna B.

  2. Really love all of the unique ideas that you have for decorating your home. I think that the yellow really does make the room pop and the transformation to hutch is amazing. The removable wall paper is awesome. Love how it looks so aged and gray. Your home is going to be a showcase when your done!