Friday, December 23, 2016

A Second Vehicle

We've debated the need for a second vehicle for some time, but with the limited parking available a second car was out of the question.

The other option was a motorcycle, but that just wasn't practical either.

Everyone here seems to have a golf cart to run around in, so that's the route we chose.  There's enough space on the side to park it and we chose to find one that was electric rather than gas.

Left Brain was on the hunt and soon had it narrowed down to two.

I didn't want to influence him in my decision, but was thrilled when he went with the higher priced one that I found so cute.

It's very handy for getting to the pickleball courts, the clubhouse for events and just buzzing around the park.

Long Live the Queen of the Cart


  1. So cute! We still haven't bought ours - thought Bob was going to do that today, but.....

    Happy Holidays and enjoy the family visit. Brent got discharged today and the surgeon said it was okay to fly on Sunday. Still surgery in the near future, though

  2. Oh wowie!! I just love that little golf cart!! I want one. Not that I could really use it around here, but I wish I could. It's just adorable. Happy and safe traveling in your new cart!! Hugs, Edna B.