Monday, December 12, 2016

I've Been Blessed With More Gifts

My friend, Carole, has been busy downsizing and sending me many of her fun items to decorate my new digs.

Today several packages all arrived at once and this is the haul I made.

I had to chuckle when I opened the box and a puff of powder like substance came out.  I was almost afraid to open the box and see what it was.

Thank goodness it was just the African violet food that had spilled out.  For a minute I thought I had inherited some long dead relative kept in an urn above the mantle.

Thank you Carole, these will be added in among my other arrangements very soon.

Long Live the Queen


  1. Getting rid of all your "knickknacks" a few years ago leaves a void of "memory items". So glad you have a friend to share. You'll think of her frequently when you incorporate her/now your things!

  2. Thank Goodness for not having a relative in an urn greet you! Fabulous little treasures to keep the memories coming.

    I went down to read the rest of your blogs that I have missed over the past week. I love the bathroom and the colors. Those baskets are a great find. They really do come in so handy.

    I also wanted to ask you if your icemaker makes enough ice? I had one that only made 2 trays at a time and I had to manually fill it with water but things have changed so very much in the last few years.

    Have a wonderful week!