Sunday, December 4, 2016

More Home Warming Gifts Arrive

My friend Carole has a lot of antique things (including Doug) and she has bequeathed some of them to me as she downsizes.  I just love it when other people downsize and send me their that I have room to enjoy them.

Isn't this little coffee pot adorable?

And this tin for tooth powder will find a place in the bathroom for display when that room is redone, but it was too cute not to put on my shelf right now.

I would have posted them as soon as they arrived, but we had just started gutting out the cabinets to paint and I wanted to wait until they found their way into their new homes before sharing them with my blogger buddies.

Long Live the Queen


  1. I love a chicken in the kitchen. Ceramic of course.

  2. Oh your house is becoming a home. I love all that you have done. My lazy butt hasn't really done anything yet to our apartment. We have been here 2 months now and I am just slowly unpacking. I had a run in with my bookshelf. The pegs that held up the shelves were lost when we moved. I finally bought some more but aligning the pegs with the holes was an impossible feat. It turns out that one of the side shelves was put on upside down. No one ever noticed that before until now. It was given to me so I never noticed. Only when the lady that gave it to me used a drill to hold a couple of the shelves up and I questioned her about it and she said she had lost the pegs. So I thought.. No problem, when I move I will just buy new pegs. Well not so easy as that. My son in law is coming to help fix it in a few days. (That translates to in a few weeks) so I am doing the best that I can with it.

    Your rugs are just gorgeous and I love the tooth powder tin and the sunny yellow platter as well as all of the other little things that you have done to accent. The truck holding the succulents is awesome. My kitchen is going to be a mod podge of things. I am seriously going to work on this house this week. It is my ultimate goal.

    You have a really nice open living room now. Congratulations on getting everything in order. I know that your so happy to have more space now. I really love the microwave and the hardware for your cabinets and the paint is pretty. It is nice to see the character of what was behind the microwave. I love older homes and often wonder just what their stories are.

    I am off to work on my own blog for a little while and then it is off to bed for me. I have had a busy weekend and time to wind down. Have an awesome week... Beth

  3. The old pieces are beautiful, but I love that chicken! Hugs, Edna B.