Tuesday, December 27, 2016

The Day Did Not Go As Planned

We both slept in and missed the coffee and donuts and announcements for the week, so decided to go out for breakfast and do some shopping.  I had no idea.

All I did was suggest stopping at the Honda dealer to see how much it would cost to get another key fob to replace the one Left Brain lost.  We've given up on it ever coming back to us.

So, of course, you can't go to a dealership without browsing through some of the cars for sale.

Then a salesman started to approach us and before you knew it we were looking at cars.  Just "looking" mind you.

But my husband has some shrewd business savvy and after long complicated attempts to knock off small amounts the poor young man (very new to his job) came back with the manager.

We were shown the invoice and made a very good deal.

Then we switched gears and asked about trading in our CRV and a whole new round of negotiations began.  I'm very glad we had a large breakfast and were ready for battle.

Long story short, they offered a fabulous deal as a trade in and with the savings in sales tax as a kicker we now own a nice shiny gray Honda Odyssey.  The name Odyssey was perfect since we are on this new journey in our lives.  Also, since it's kind of a pearl gray and we bought it on Dec 7th when Pearl harbor was bombed, we just had to name it "Pearl".

It should be perfect for when we go back and forth between our two new homes and now we can finally volunteer to drive when the six of us go our for Friday fish dinners.

There's so many new fangled bells and whistles on this thing, I'm sure we'll both be taking turns reading the manual.  Or, I'll probably do it the easy way and let Left Brain study the manual and then show me the highlights of what I need to know.

Long Live the Queen


  1. What a fun new toy...a perfect gem...I mean Pearl! 🌀

  2. Oh my, your Pearl is just beautiful. Enjoy her in good health. She will help to make travelling a pleasure. Hugs, Edna B.

  3. Oh Congratulations on Pearl finding a new home... The name really does fit her!