Thursday, August 18, 2016

We Have Land...Need a Home

Finally ....we are both breathing easier knowing that we have land to call our own next spring.  The next hurdle is to find a destination trailer to put down on it.  Then, if things go as planned, we can find a place in Arizona and sell See-More there.  Ideally we'll sell the RV and car as a package since we'll need a larger vehicle for traveling back and forth with the cats.  It's all about the cats.

I was enjoying this process for quite a while, going through RV dealerships and walking through fifth wheels and trailers, getting a feel for what would best suit our needs.  It didn't take real long to narrow our search to just a destination trailer.  Since there are far fewer of those on the market, that narrowed the choices even more.

I'm convinced that some of the people who design these things had to be drunk or high during the process.  In one of the models we looked at all the closets had the clothes bar raised so high I could even touch it.  I'd need a step stool to hang up my clothes.  That brand was eliminated right away.

This land of the giant trend seemed to continue into other areas of the RV as well, with cabinets that were unusable unless you were close to six feet tall.  And don't even get me started on the overhead lights that would require a ladder to turn on my reading lights.  Sigh.  I know I'm vertically challenged at 5' 4", but this is ridiculous.  It sure provided an insight on how the little people must feel.

How I long for a bed I can walk around the sides to make the bed without having to crawl forward with the fitted sheets in my hands waiting to tackle the front corners.

The current trend in the big trailers seems to be the ability to sleep as many people as possible.  This is accomplished by adding four bunk beds in a second bedroom, sometimes accompanied by another half bath.  Yikes.  You could sleep up to eight people in these RV's with the couch making into a bed as well...but you still only have a small table with four chairs.  Who wants to share space with that many people.  We like to keep our company slightly uncomfortable so they leave after a short stay.

Then there were the models with a "den".  This is usually positioned somewhere in the middle of the unit and consists of a couch with a large wardrobe and television across from it.  Ok, this might be nice if you had a sulky teen you didn't want to look at during your stay in the RV, but you sacrifice a lot of kitchen and living space for it.  Yes, the cats could have had their own room and watched Animal Planet in privacy, but we haven't spoiled them quite that far.

The closest thing I'd seen was an RV with a loft over the bedroom.  This was accessible by a carpeted set of stairs to the upper level.  Oh the possibilities!  My first thought was all the cat toys, beds, scratchers and litter box could go up here out of sight.  It could double as an attic for storage for all the things that wouldn't fit downstairs.  Now, keep in mind this loft is only accessible on hands and knees.  It would be great fun for little kids or cats...but not usable for a sewing room or anything like that.

By this time we'd been to most the dealers in the area over a course of several weeks and it wasn't fun any more.  I declared to Left Brain that we'd just look for a lot in Arizona and continue to drive back and forth and live in See-More.  It's worked this long, it will work longer still.  I wasn't thrilled by the prospect as I really want to get off the road and into something larger, but there didn't seem to be anything created that we could agree on and I was sick of looking.

Oh well.  Maybe something will present itself.

Long Live the Queen of Dismay


  1. What happened to make you want to get off the road? I hope you are okay.

    1. No problems, just getting tired of constantly being on the move. I find myself longing for a sense of community, or communities in our case going between two places. The traveling and living in a small space was starting to get old.

  2. Please consider the flood plain and current trend toward rising water. Remember the news stories we now hear, compared to 50 years ago. River views and access are wonderful, but evacuation, flood damage and loss, and personal danger are real and heightened unless you choose your location very carefully. I speak with the experience of someone who grew up along a river, was in the Agnes flood in Pennsylvania in 1973, and has watched where flood waters have reached into other peoples's health and property ever since. I want you to be happy,but I want you to be safe and secure even more.

    1. Please do not be worried. We have lived near the Mississippi River all our lives, it doesn't have flash flooding. Plus we made sure to check the park map and make sure we were not even near the flood plain areas. We have a partial view of the river from our land, but are up further and back another row behind the others where it's safe. But I do appreciate your's nice to know someone cares.

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