Friday, August 19, 2016

Our Last Resort

The kids had invited us over to their house and as much as I preferred staying home and wallowing in my pity party, we agreed to go.

Left Brain suggested stopping at one more RV dealer on the way, said he'd found something online that looked interesting.  Groan.

I was so tired of having my hopes built up and then dashed that I could barely stand the thought of yet anything spin on this emotional rollercoaster.  But he persisted, so I went along for the ride, not expecting anything.

They only had three on the lot to look at, so at least this wouldn't take time.  He drove up and parked at one called the Resort.  Yeah right...this is our last resort I thought snidely.

And then we walked in.  It instantly felt like home.  I don't know how to describe it.  There was nothing particularly stunning about it, no flash and glam...but it just felt right.

The kitchen had a decent countertop area...ok...I like this.  And look, the island doesn't have a sink on it.  Just open usable SPACE. I can already envision cooking up here or using it as a cutting table for quilting.  Or setting out snacks for guests now that we can invite someone over...the the possibilities!

The fridge has an 18 cubic feet capacity - WOW.  The microwave is full sized, not one of those tiny toy ones they usually put in RV's.  The oven looks a bit small, but has four burners and an oven.  So far so good. 

OMG!  Is that an actual pantry?  I opened the door expecting the usual six inch depth of disappointment I'd seen in others.  Nope.  This pantry is wide and deep with pull out drawers on the bottom section.  Whoa!  There was some planning going on here.

The dining table and chairs are right by the window, near the kitchen and can actually be accessed.  Several of the other models we looked at had a little "wall" to define the well as the functionality.

And then there was the area in the front window for as big a TV as Left Brain could salivate for.  Now I'll finally have a home for the sweet little glass house my friend Beth made for me five years ago on my sixtieth birthday.

On one side was a comfy couch that pulls out into a queen sized bed for company.  It doesn't show in the photo, but there is a ceiling fan over the living room area.

  The other side had two large swivel rockers that reclined and were oh so comfortable to sit down it.  The usual thing we've seen these days are theater seats, but I like the recliners as they allow for easier rearranging.  OMG...I can rearrange furniture again, at least after I unbolt everything. I think I'm in love!

We went down the hall and peeked into the bathroom.  The sink area was a bit small, but about the same space we have now.  They could have added some more storage in here, but the shower...that made up for any other faults the bathroom may have lacked.  Big...roomy...built in seats...oh yes.  The norm seems to be a small circular arrangement that even I would have a hard time not splashing water all over.

By the time we reached the bedroom we knew we had some real potential here.  The bed is King sized, which usually means it takes up every inch in the room, but this one had easy access up both sides.  Unheard of!

Plus each side had a window for good ventilation as well as a counter space large enough for our cpap machines...unheard of in any other models we've seen.  Oh, and there is a second ceiling fan above the bed.  Bring on that summer heat!  The area underneath this countertop is open and I could just see George picking this as his new favorite hiddy hole when the thunderstorms hit.

The closet was huge with a shelf across the top and hanging space the entire length. This will provide more space than needed for hanging our things and still have room for the vacuum cleaner as well.

The dresser was enormous and would easily hold our printer and a small TV for my enjoyment.  Yup, there's the cable hookup right there.  They were sober when they designed this unit!

Plus there is another window for cross ventilation.  We seldom turn on the AC and prefer the natural breezes. 

Good Lord!  There's a second closet on my side of the bed as well with nice deep storage, not to mention the four overhead cabinets above the bed.  This is great for those things you only need to access once a week or less.

Then, just for fun I lifted the bed and found a nice deep storage area underneath the bed as well.  We have room for a lot of stuff here!  Now we could actually play hide and seek in our RV.

We sat down with the saleslady and I gave Left Brain "the look".  He smiled back.  Then I explained to her that this would more than meet our needs, especially since they had just lowered the price on it...but it's too early.  No problem she said...if we paid for it they could hold it until next spring.  Whaaaaat?

We all but picked her up (she was a tiny thing) and ran back to her office to put down a deposit on our new home.

I sure hope I don't wake up and find out this was just a dream.

Long Live the Queen of Glee


  1. 'Sounds like someone really wants to put down roots. (literally)

  2. Best use of space I have seen! I am very happy for you.

  3. Beautiful, beautiful.... I hope we get to see it and that U can realize your comfort zone here!! Lots of space for your culinary endeavors, the kids and your sewing !!! Since my sis lives in Az maybe we can visit sometime!! Spending 4 months in Florida in winter of 2017, may not be this year (PS; Pete---- this is why I still absolutely LOVE Wisconsin!!!!). As always, love U guys!!!!!

  4. Wowee!!! Congratulations on finding your new home. The photos look awesome. Wow, all the room. This looks really quite comfortable. I wish you much luck and good times in it. Hugs, Edna B.

  5. One suggestion ask for a high rise toilet so much easier to get up

  6. Congratulations! It is easy to see why you fell in love with it! Great kitchen!