Thursday, August 18, 2016

A Glimpse of Our Future Home

When we stopped by our property (I never get tired of saying that) we took some photos to remember what it looked like.

It is currently rented out to someone until the end of the year, so my first mission was to introduce ourselves and ask permission to wander about the property taking photos and getting measurements.  He was fine with it, so we proceeded quickly as the mosquitoes were biting after the recent rain.

We are located in the second row, well away from the flood plain area.  That kind of excitement I can live without.

Here is our lot from the front.  The RV will face East. The rules state no paved parking areas, so we will hire one of the guys here to put in a gravel parking lot for us, probably where that patch of dirt is.  

This is the south side where the hookups are.

This is the from the back where the shed is.  The shed will eventually go and be replaced with a larger resin model.  We are allowed to have a shed up to 10 x 12, so that's what we'll have. Although I hate to part with this classy metal number.  We'll probably put it in the same general location since it provides a bit of privacy for our patio.

Here are the trees on the north side.  I can't wait to create a bird feeding sanctuary and gardens here!  As soon as we land next spring I'll put in my application for permission to dig so I don't accidentally run through anybody's cables.

It's fun to daydream about adding a screen house to our awning and putting down some patio blocks for the patio area. The rules of the park are to maintain the open feel of a park and not having people fence off their property.  I like will be a far cry from the tight spaces in Arizona this winter.

Long Live the Queen of Lot 208

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