Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Flurry of Visitors

There's usually nothing going on up here in the northwoods, but suddenly we have company...lots of company.

On Thursday night we had Christy and Dave over to visit and play cribbage.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday brought our friends Becky and Patrick from La Crosse up our way to camp and hang out.  They were lucky enough to be parked right next to the "farm" and couldn't figure out what the drumming sounds were all night long.  At first she didn't believe me when I said it was the emus, but then she heard them making their unusual sounds and was a believer.  I couldn't find anything on YouTube that would let you know what it sounds like, sorry.

Monday and Tuesday we had Ron and Kathy camping in Ham Lake to catch up with us.  We met them in North Fort Myers and I played pickleball with them, so of course they needed to go with me to the Andover YMCA on Tuesday morning to meet my gang.

This was the week that we were also trying to help the kids prepare for the move on Wednesday, so we were pretty tired out by this evening.

Tomorrow the moving truck comes to take it all away and we will go over in the morning to help with last minute hauling of stuff to the garage at their new place and cleaning up the house for the new owners.

Then our little family will be homeless for three weeks until they can move into their new digs.  Luckily they have good friends who have taken all four of them and the dog for that duration.  These kind of friends don't come easy and they are blessed to have this opportunity.

Sorry for the lack of photos.  Seems I get so busy enjoying the company that I don't think to take any photos of us...so you'll just  have to take my word for it that we really do have friends.

Long Live the Company Queen


  1. But you did get a pic of the emus...

  2. Gosh, how neat to have Emus for neighbors!! The picture of the cribbage board brought back so many memories of my hubby and my brother. We all used to love playing cribbage. I miss that fun. Isn't it amazing how full our days are and how busy we are once we are retired? I hope all goes well for your kids' move. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.