Monday, August 15, 2016

A Blip in Our Plans

We have talked for a long time now about setting down a larger trailer on our lot in Ham Lake.  Then adding a deck and a storage shed.  This is such a slice of Heaven for us in our shady little oasis.

Thankfully this was going to take place next year, but then there was "the meeting".

We expected the topic of the meeting to be the retirement of Jack and Karen, the caretakers of the campground.  But was something else completely different.

The owner of the campground explained that he had a 45% ownership and had dreamed of adding tree houses and several other improvements.  They had just upgraded the electrical services recently.

However, with the recent death of his father it seems the remaining 55% was divided between him and his five sisters.  Let's just say they don't share his vision in developing the campground.

As often happens upon the reading of the will, this has split the family apart and his sisters (who he now refers to as the golddiggers) and he are no longer speaking.  It is very clear they want the property put up for sale and to split up the money as soon as possible.

Gulp.  I'm really glad we didn't put anything down permanently on our lot this year.  You can imagine our panic.

There are very few campgrounds near the Twin Cities.  The other one nearest to this one has a maximum stay of 14 days, not ideal for full-timers.  The other choice would be the KOA, which stands for "Keep On Adding" and is known for being overpriced...not to mention crawling with young children.

It would sure to nice to know we had a home when we return next spring.

Long Live the Homeless Queen


  1. Can they get a loan to buy the non visionary sibs out? Location. location, location. Tell it to the bank.

  2. Gosh, such sad news. I sure do hope you find something nice. Maybe the owner can find someone to go partners with him and buy out the siblings? Hmmm, just a thought. You have a super day, hugs, Edna B.