Thursday, August 4, 2016

I don't feel any older

On July 31st I turned the magical age of 65.  Now I qualify for any "senior discount" out there.  I also now have Medicare.  Getting old is so fun!

That morning I couldn't figure what the cats were so excited about outside.  It was probably just a squirrel or the neighbor cat, Lucky, coming to visit. But curiosity got the best of me so I peeked out to see what was causing the commotion.

I jumped back when I sensed movement, but then realized it was nothing to fear.  Someone had bestowed birthday balloons on me.  Based on the green cactus holding it down, I figured it must be my Arizona neighbors next door.  

After Left Brain came back from his bike ride I announced he was taking me out for BBQ for lunch.  At first he protested, but I pulled the birthday card and he relented.  Then I yelled through the window to the neighbors to join us.  It's a pretty handy system having RV's close enough to yell at each other, better than using the phone.

The four of us headed out to Dixie Blue BBQ for lunch and had a great time visiting and laughing. 

Later that day we went over to the kid's house for my birthday supper.  Steph purchased some tasty bacon wrapped chicken and served it up with sweet corn....yum.  After a couple rounds of cribbage and our food had settled she served up a beautiful small chocolate torte cake.  Could this day get any better?

I was bestowed with coupons from the family for sessions of pickleball, a girls day out and a photography adventure.  This is my favorite kind of gift, one that takes up no space except in my heart and memory.

We went home later that night and had some nice snuggling with the cats and it made the day complete.

I'm liking this aging thing.

Long Live the Old Queen

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  1. Shame on me. I missed your birthday. I hope your special day's good feelings linger on for a while. It sounds like you had an awesome birthday. Enjoy your senior discounts and welcome to Medicare. Aside from the fact that we're actually getting older, this isn't such a bad age group to be in. Happy Belated Birthday, hugs, Edna B.