Friday, January 30, 2015

The Lights Went Out in Georgia…er, well….Arizona actually

Things were going along pretty good during our visit with Larry, but soon the lights were dimming again.  Hmmm.  This is not good.

They spent a long time playing hide and seek looking for the electrical converter and after making a phone call found it was hidden under the fridge.
After extracting it they searched for a place to get it replaced and found one nearby.  Things are looking up.  The part would arrive at their shop at 3:00, so the boys hustled over to pick it up and install it. 

Larry came in with a sad face and said they ordered the wrong part and now we’d have to wait until 3:00 the following day.  Of course, I didn’t believe him because…well, it’s just routine to discredit whatever he says.

Unfortunately he was not kidding.  Then Left Brain gave me the other bad news.  While crawling around under the RV he found the brake for the jacks was broken off.  That went on the list of things to repair before departure.
So we went to a Greek restaurant and had a big fat Greek meal and called it a day.  That night I cut up veggies and made popcorn for supper since nobody was hungry.

The following day they took off to play golf since the part wouldn’t be in until 3:00 anyway.  Larry managed all 18 holes, but Left Brain was feeling dizzy and not well and skipped the last four.  They blamed it on my lack of culinary efforts the night before; that he didn’t have enough fuel to continue on.

I headed to the pickleball courts and was the only woman in sight so had a great time smashing the ball into the men.

While they were out golfing in the mist and rain I headed to the mall for some lunch and shopping in search of a bread box, something that appears to be a dying breed.  I couldn’t find anything to buy but on my way out noticed a little massage place and signed up for the half hour acupressure massage.

I like deep work, but holy cow…10 minutes into this experience I was ready to part with secrets of National security.  However, I did notice that as I left nothing hurt and I was moving much better.  Perhaps it was just the feeling that I had escaped intact.  Left Brain would love this guy and maybe I’ll have him go for a session and I’ll try the foot spa treatment instead.

I arrived home shortly after the boys did and after putting away groceries and getting out of their way they installed the converter.  The lights are shining brighter again and it seems to be working.

Long Live the Queen


  1. hooray for the right part and it working again. that sounds like a tough massage! :)

  2. As long as the lights are shining brighter that's all that matters. Shine on...

  3. Well it it seems you all made do rather well without those lights. It's good though, that they could get the part to fix it. I haven't gone for massage and I guess I won't now either. I feel delicate and I'm not into pain. lol. Enjoy the sun, we have another 12-18 inches of that miserable white stuff headed our way. Oh joy!!!! You have a super day, hugs, Edna B.

    1. Don't let this scare you off of having a massage, they are not all like this. I did massage therapy for many years and can attest that generally they are relaxing and often I fall asleep. But, this is a different style for a different purpose. I could have asked him to lighten up, but knew the benefits I would be reaping in the long run.

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  5. Ow! That massage sounded painful...but I'm glad it did you some good. Love the photo. Sorry you had electrical problems.