Monday, February 2, 2015

Loss of Internet

Having to deal with substandard internet is one of the frequent challenges of living in an RV.  At our current location I signed up and paid for one month and it had been working pretty good...until the other day.

We couldn't get signed on and so I decided to call the number provided for assistance.  I was waiting for the message to direct me to which extension I wanted as it said to ask for extension two.

Instead I got a message that said the owner had not yet set up a voice mail box....sorry...goodbye.

The other alternative was to contact them by email.  So, I sent a message via my phone since I couldn't get logged on to contact my provider.

Never did hear from them, but the internet was fine the next day, so I guess it's not too bad.

Friday it rained....all day.  We finally went for a drive up the mountains to visit the little restaurant at Tortilla Flats for lunch.

The coloration of the hills was actually prettier with the rain and there was a definite greening up.

The afternoon was spent working on a jigsaw puzzle with Larry while Left Brain snatched a catnap with Gracie on his lap.

George has finally decided that Larry is okay and has been coming nearer to him each day.  Gracie got over that a long time ago and has been sleeping with him each night.  No wonder we've been getting such an improved sleep.

Larry is a "dog" person and Gracie has been trying to tap into his latent "cat" tendencies and convince him that the feline race is far superior.  I don't think he's completely swayed, but they seem to have developed a definite bond.

Hopefully the rain will subside soon and we can all get outside again to run and play.

Long Live the Queen of Rainy Days


  1. intermittent internet is a pain. glad you're back (at least for now!)

  2. Computers are nice, but they can sure create problems as well. I have had my share and hope after getting new service, it improves. I enjoy putting puzzles together in the winter.

  3. Oh sweet kitty to keep you company!

  4. We had an internet issue over a period of three days, off mostly but occasionally on. Every time we called them they said they were working on it!

  5. Sorry you're having to deal with people who don't reply back:( Great pose of your cat:)

  6. Even here at home sweet home we had computer issues in January. I am still trying to get over the broken ribs. I cannot get comfortable in one spot for long. Stay safe!

  7. Yep the rain has been coming down. What a sweet picture of Gracie. They really can work their way into your heart.