Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Supper Guests

It was supposed to be a record high for the area and as I write  it is a balmy 80 degrees.  However, there is a lovely breeze and it feels very comfy outside reading our books and sipping lemonade.

More company!  Will this never end?

Sister Mary, Bill and friend DeeDee came over for supper Monday evening because it was warm enough to be outside for dining.  This is a consideration for those in small quarters.

It turned into a bring your own chair event since we only have two folding chairs that work well for getting around the table.

Our day started with his taking a long bike ride and I got in about three hours of pickleball.  I'm starting to be chosen as a partner more and more and feared by some....so life is good.  The really funny part was running into a lady that I play with in Andover MN during the summer.  It truly is a small world.

After we returned home we made some sandwiches for lunch and I started the preparations.  Usually my cooking is referred to as a burnt offering to the G-ds, but my part in this meal is pretty easy....so all was safe.

Appetizers were French baguettes with roasted garlic olive oil from the visit to the olive mile the day before.

Left Brain cooked the pork tenderloin on the grill and I put the foil wrapped potatoes in the crock pot for baking.  I'd never done this before but they turned out great.  You wash and puncture the skin, wrap them in tin foil and put them into the crockpot for about four hours...no water.  It was nice not to add a lot of heat to the house while they cooked.

Salad rounded out the meal with Angel Food cake, cool whip and fruit for dessert.

Afterwards we invited them in to see the changes we made last year to the RV.  Generally George will hide whenever anyone new is in the house, but Larry's influence must have paid off.  He walked around and checked everyone out and sat on my lap for a while.

Bill even managed to sneak in a pet or two as he walked by and Gracie spent some time on his lap getting her ears scratched.

It was a pleasant night with friends and good food.

Long Live the Queen of Outdoor Cuisine


  1. sounds like good food and really nice weather for company, too!

  2. Burnt Offerings ... really? Do you forget that your have posted some of your wonderful dishes on your blog ... not for awhile, I will admit, but there was nothing burnt about them. And once again you have hit a home run with me ... crock pot potatoes:) What a great idea and so easily done. I will have to run out to buy potatoes just to try it out ... I assure you FH won't mind a bit since I rarely feed his big paunch any potatoes.
    Now, can it really be true that people fear you on the pickleball court? That is quite and honor you know ... I am summarily impressed, but not surprised. The real surprise, however is George ... oh my, so brave. Larry must have a peaceful aura about him that even Gracie was tuned in to. A cat whisperer :) So sorry I seem to be flitting in and out of your life. Have been very busy with many things. I do peruse your posts however, even if I don't have time to comment. You are living the good life, ya know, Queen of Crock Pot Potatoes ...

    Andrea @ From The Sol