Monday, February 16, 2015

This is war!

While residing in Hemet Ca we picked up some hitchhikers, in the form of very tiny, reddish-brown ants.  We treated the problem immediately and thought it was all over until we noticed them abundance.

I wasn't anticipating a huge battle and may have underestimated the little "buggers".  It appears we have a rather thriving community somewhere in the RV.

Finally I could take it no more!  I removed all the food and dishes from the cabinets, washed the shelves and laid out traps for them.

The instructions on the ant bait were a bit unsettling to me, but this is how it has to be.  To destroy the colony (where ever the #%^$# they are) the poison is set out for the worker ants to find and then take back to the nest.

This is where they offer their tasty morsels to none other than the Queen herself.

Being a Queen, I shudder at this option, but it seems to be the only way.  

Off with her head!

Long Live the One and Only Queen in this RV


  1. Is this yet another Communist plot?

  2. Gosh, not a fun thing to go through. I hope the traps help to demolish the main nest and the ant queen. These "pest invasions" are definitely no picnic to go through. Good luck. Today we're enjoying a short break between snow storms. Florida is going to feel oh so good if we actually manage to get there. You have a super day and enjoy the sun. Hugs, Edna B.

  3. Oh no...well, at least it isn't creepy spiders, or ticks, fleas, bedbugs, or some other harrowing parasite...right? I am sure your head is safe, Queen! This too shall pass. Good graphic!