Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Lunch with Friends in Quartzite

Before leaving Hemet we made arrangements to have lunch with JR and Judy at Silly Al’s Pizza when they came into town to see her sister.
Rob and Marty found out about this plan and decided to caravan with them to join up also.

Our plan was to go into the laundrymat and have a shower prior to lunch; however, it seems they were having a problems with the water and asked if we could return in an hour.

Now we had some time on our hands so we attempted to find someplace with Wi-Fi to get some of my blogs posted.  It seems there is a problem with the towers and nothing was available anywhere.

We spent the next 45 minutes parked behind Silly Al’s and messaging with Judy and Marty as to their ETA while trying to hold a parking spot for them.  It might seem that waiting for this length of time would be boring, but Quartzite provides some extraordinary people-watching, or rather….character watching.

Rob and Marty were the first to arrive and we went in to snag a table for eight, which could be difficult.  Luckily we had two tables that needed cleaning and as we started pushing them together the wait staff came out and cleaned them up and got us settled in.

Before too long the other four people arrived and the conversations flowed from one end of the table to the other.  The other parties wanted to get into the big tent for some RV related shopping and since we’d been there twice already, we wished them well and turned them loose in their pursuits.

Thank you Judy for the use of the photo taken that day

We stopped by the laundry again and the water was now working, so we paid our $7 for a small room with towels and up to 20 minutes of hot water.  The water was alternating from scalding hot to freezing cold, but it felt so good to remove a layer of dust and filth from boondocking in the desert.

It will feel great to get into full-hookups again and hopefully with good Wi-Fi so we can rejoin the cyber world and catch up with everyone’s activities.

Long Live the Queen of the Dusty Desert


  1. Looks like Mr. Guitar player needed that shower a lot more than you guys. I'm looking forward to returning to the desert in a couple of weeks. The rain in Texas is getting old. Looks like plenty of fun in Q was had by all.