Monday, January 5, 2015

Back to our life as we know it.

The Rossing invasion is over and while we enjoyed seeing them and sharing California with them, these two old people are really digging the quiet that is our normal life.

The first thing was to restock on supplies and catch up on our laundry. Now I can finally start to sort through the photos and share some of the high points of their visit via the blog.

They are a silly bunch...and therefore make delightful companions.  On one of our early trips we spent a long time in the car (apparently too much time) and the female members became a bit slaphappy.  Okay, it was mostly Stephanie and myself.

Example:  Stephanie asked me if I had an outlet to charge her phone on my side of the rental car.  I don't know why, but I pulled my shirt away from my neck, looked down at my cleavage and said "nope...just a USB port".  It went downhill from there.

Kiersten desperately needed a bathroom, so we pulled into this little campground and located the privy.  

What I don't understand is why you need a bike helmet to use the bathroom.

Or why the quiet time hours are posted inside the potty.  Can one really curb those kind of noises on command?

At another place we stopped for lunch that day, we came across this sign.  What is with the strange toilet requests here?

Long Live the Queen


  1. oh, yes. i can see you were quite punchy. :)

  2. Only you would find these fun and odd bathroom signs. I think they must help to make using a public privy a bit more fun, er, interesting. Thanks for the chuckle. Hugs, Edna B.