Saturday, January 10, 2015

Warner Brothers Studio Tour

Ted had made arrangements for this tour and treated Left Brain and I to tickets.  What a fun day this was!

I love movies and find it fascinating to see how this is accomplished.  

The tour explained a lot of the "magic" that happens on the big screen.

One thing that was explained to us was how each house or building on this set is "dressed" differently on each side. 

 The front might be a city hall, the side would be a school and the other side might be a police station.

We noticed there was no hardware of any kind, no doorknobs or light switches to be seen.  

These are all swapped out to fit whatever era they are shooting. 

 None of the plumbing works as there is no water hooked up.  

Nor are there any working lamps or overhead lights.

We weren't allowed to take photos on any of the inside sets.

Many of the town scenes had a Midwestern feel to them and were billed as "Any Town USA".

Several of the trees were in pots and could be swapped out with lampposts.  If the season is wrong they wire the correct leaves unto the trees.  The grass lawns can be rolled up and moved aside to be replaced with sand or whatever is appropriate for the shot.

This is the parking lot where the movie "Blazing Saddles" ends with everyone running out onto the studio lot.

The kids enjoyed the Harry Potter exhibit the most, all the props and costumes from the movies.

Then we got to go into the studio where they shoot "Friends" and see all the props used.  We were all invited to sit on the couch and have our photo taken there.

These will be memories to be cherished for a long time.

Long Live the Queen of the Movies

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  1. What a fabulous tour! I just love that huge brown bunny. What a great photo of your family. I have to agree, this visit has given you many wonderful memories that will last forever. I found all the movie set info quite interesting. Thanks, You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.