Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Quiet time in Quartzite

On Sunday Left Brain was geared up to watch the Packers play and since it was going to be a day of having the generator running, I geared up to use the computer and oven and anything else electrical I could think of.

The dusty road going to our campsite

I spent a chunk of the day arranging things and sorting out items I could donate to the charity auction they have here, as well as the free donation pile.  It’s time to shed a few things and maximize the spaces I have better.  Of course, every time I do this I find things I have completely forgotten about.  Some stayed…most left.

I used my Veggetti to shred some zucchini and then heated up the remainder of the spaghetti sauce I had with other veggies and sausage in it for lunch.  Paired with this was the Rustic Italian bread we bought from Maria when having lunch with our friends Rob and Marty our last day in Hemet.

Maria....our favorite lady in Hemet

It was another impulse buy from when I was in Hemet.  It’s small and requires no batteries or power.  You stick the zucchini in like a giant pencil into a sharpener and twist it.  Out comes skinny little strands of zucchini.  I’m seeing some zucchini fritters in our future.

Then I made a fruit cobbler with blueberry pie filling and some rhubarb I had in the freezer.  The topping is also too much, so half of this got bagged and labeled and put in the freezer for another cobbler in the future.
I cleaned up all the veggies in the fridge and bagged them up for eating.
I put the blueberries with some canned mandarin oranges and pineapple chunks to chill.  This will go on top of the cobbler, over the whipped cream, of course.

It feels good to have a bunch of these little drudgery tasks taken care of.  It’s amazing what you can find time to do when there’s no electricity, or water or sewer hookups.  Plus the internet is awful with our hot spot, so this post may wait until we reach Mesa to get posted.

Long Live the Queen of Modern Conveniences Depravation

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  1. you've had some good times, then some bad times, so glad it was 'quiet' to follow for a while.