Thursday, January 15, 2015

More cat stuff

No, not another cat...just some more "things" I've had my eye on.

We admired the "purr"fect arch when seeing it on TV and when I stumbled across it at Bed Bath and Beyond I just had to pick it up for the kids.  We later donated it to Goodwill as apparently our cats were not as amused by it as the one on TV.  You have to be careful folks, the cats on TV are paid actors and you should NOT expect the same results at home.

My next item was a small camera.  I love the big camera, but it's awkward to drag along with me in social outings.  Yes, I realize the phone has a camera as well as video, but the quality isn't that great.

I opted for a Canon Powershot SX600 HS, which has 
HD video (something I've been wanting to play with more), a 
wireless connection to share photos right away, a large display screen and it comes in a pretty red color.  This fits nicely in my purse and is easier to take with for those quick shots.

The latest shipment just arrive - "the kitty city".
This is a six foot tower that connects to our tunnel system.  We have it set up in the house first to make sure they are getting the hang of it before trying it outside.

There was a little panic when Gracie got into the top level and couldn't quite figure out how to get back down.  But with my coaxing and a gentle push on her butt from Left Brain we got her to one level and then she figured out the rest on her own.  It may take Boy Wonder (George) longer to figure this out...if at all.  He's just not as adventurous as Gracie.

Long Live the Queen of Impulse Purchases


  1. i could see panic from the tower, too. :) good luck with the camera! sounds good!

  2. Some cats just don't appreciate adventure, or sometimes just not heights. Chloe Jo loves adventure, but likes to stay at normal levels. Grizelda loves heights; she loves to observe. Maggie likes heights but is leery, as she once fell and dislocated her knee. Very scary situation. Be careful of falling cats!
    I am going to look into that camera! Thanks!

  3. Going up and not being able to get down is a common problem among cats ... that's why you see stories of fire truck ladders up in the top of a tree after a stranded kitty. Getting up there, piece of cake ... coming down, hmmmm! It looks to me like Gracie has decided the first level is sufficient and if she parks herself there, George won't be able to get past here even if he wants to ... which he probably doesn't. It will be interesting, over time, to see what they do with the tower. My cats love the top level of their cat trees ... in fact it turns into a battle of Cat King of the Mountain with the boys and Diva just uses it as a stepping stone to whatever she can find that is higher. You have seen her sitting in the top windows at the back of our house ... dare devil is a part of her "Devil Child" persona. So I will be looking for some great shots with your Power Shot ... it is a nice camera and takes good quility pictures. Be well, Queen of the Cat Menagerie ...

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  4. The kitty tower looks like such fun once George and Gracie get it all figured out. It's fun to spoil our fur babies!!! Good luck with your new camera. I've heard good things about it. The reason I bought my new phone was for the camera in it. The phone was a bit pricey, but it takes super photos (once I get it all figured out). You have a wonderful weekend, hugs, Edna B.