Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The back of the house

We all kept working as a team that long hot day and at least it was shady in the back of the house.  I found all kinds of decorative items and hooks hiding in the weeds.

Once this was cleared out I parked two more of those big hostas Kelly generously provided and added three heuchera to act as a backdrop for the "praying hands" hosta.  This way it will be right as they exit the backdoor and can see it often

Steph cleared out the daylilies and cleared out the grass to provide a space for mulch in front of them to keep the grass down.  While digging through the lilies I spotted my old concrete bird bath.

These lilies are so nice to view from either inside the porch or outside - they came from her great-aunt's cottage

Deciding that the teenage sanctuary being developed on the east side of the house could benefit from a water feature, I had her hand it over the fence to me.  Left Brain is going to add a gate in this location for us soon to allow for easy access.

With the purple hanging chair gone there is more room for seating on the patio.

Now...I think that old swing set needs to go away soon.

They never should have gotten me started.

Long Live the Queen of Gardens


  1. i know they appreciate everything you're doing.

  2. Will someone please tell the Queen to sit down and relax. Good grief, once you get her started it doesn't stop ... and with all of the yard work she is doing, you would think she would be too tired to post on her blog. But, no, every day we hear more about her gardening and shifting and throwing and planting. OMG ... you make me feel like I am a hundred years old. I would be laid out after one day of this ... what are you eating (or maybe I should say, what are you on, Ha!). Your daughter has to be the luckiest daughter in the world! What would I have to do to get you to come pull the monster weeds in my yard and on my hill and throw all of the stuff out of my closets and while you are at it clean my car out ... I know I am not family, but do friends count? I want you to come to my house Queen of tear down and build up ... I can feed you some yummy sweet corn :) ... What do you say?

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  3. We are indeed blessed to have the Queen do so much for us! Our place has truly been transformed and we are very, very grateful!!!

    - Ted (Da Son-In-Law) :-D

  4. When you finish with Andrea's yard and house, please do mine next. I can feed you spinach pizza. A favorite of mine.

    Seriously, you're doing a wonderful job on their yard. It looks great! I love the addition of the bird bath. Every yard should have at least one of these. Once the birds find it, it's such fun to watch them splashing and playing in it.

    I bought a whole bag full of new yarn today, so I have to look it all over and decide what new project I will make with it. Woo Hoo!! You have a fabulous day, hugs, Edna B.