Monday, July 14, 2014

A Wedding in the Campground

You just never know what you'll stumble across here in Ham Lake Campground.  The most recent odd thing was a huge tour bus from Ontario pulling in.  How odd.  We found later that they were looking for a place to dump their tanks.  Good idea but RV's have hoses for that and buses need to drop straight down, so that didn't work out and he wove his way back out of the park.

Then we had a wedding take place the next day.  This was the marriage of one of our park guests grandchildren.  Yup, her grandson married her granddaughter. 

It's not as freaky as it sounds, they aren't actually related by blood, but they may have met at a family reunion.  

The initial plans were for the ceremony to take place on the "island" which is actually a peninsula but due to the threat of rain (and horrendous bugs) it was held in the pavilion instead.  This was a good call since it started to drizzle right after the ceremony was concluded.

I'd been listening to our neighbors, Jim and Kathy, practice for this event.  It's always fun to watch the two of them perform.

I used the Lords Prayer music sheet clipped to their stands as the background for this photo.

This couple obviously has a good sense of humor as can be seen by the wedding cake.  
Did I mention there was a purple and red theme to the wedding?

There were several people blowing bubbles after the bride and groom exited the pavilion and this little girl was just so sweet I had to snap her photo.

I took advantage of following the lady doing the official photos to land some of these shots by the tree and lake.

It is a lovely area for photos here and I recalled with some nostalgia the shots I took of our family last year in the same area.

Then I took the photos and made a collage out of them.

There was an RV named Tahiti parked very close to the pavilion and I wondered if that was where they might be honeymooning.  I guess they could then say they honeymooned in Tahiti and it wouldn't be a lie.

Long Live the Queen of Weddings


  1. Umm...I'm not sure I get the connection between the couple. Cousins? I know some states do allow that.
    Anyway, what a great photo opportunity for you! You do take very nice photos! Purple and red make me think of the poem, "Warning", by Jenny Joseph. It is the poem that inspired The Red Hat Society. You enjoy yourself, but stay out of trouble up there! Hug.

  2. As always, Cheryl, excellent! Let the good times keepa comin.

  3. I like the cake ... I think her dragging him to the alter is a hoot! Your captured the best of this wedding ... maybe you missed your calling? At least we got to see these (not like the naked dolls). In this day there can be grandchildren in the same household that aren't really related. Don't know what the states say about marrying a step sister or brother ... kind of changes the whole meaning of incest, oh my. Well, back to the real conversation here. I hope you are going to print the beautiful collage and give it to the bride and groom .. or at least to the Grandmother. They woul love it ... and you for doing it, Queen of thoughtfulness. Very well done, I must say ...

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  4. I tend to agree with Andrea. You do take some beautiful wedding photos. I'm not sure how one can have grandchildren that are not related to one another, but then there's a lot I don't know. May they have a long happy life together. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.