Sunday, July 13, 2014

In Search of those Geocaches Again

Since our efforts were thwarted the last time we attempted this, we took off this time on our bikes in search of those elusive geocaches.   We noticed that several of them were only accessible from the bike path near Bunker Lake, so we decided to pursue them on this fine day.

We parked near the Activity Center and took off for the first one, just over the road and off the bike trail.  This is going to be so easy!  Or so I thought.

Let me explain...we are wussy geocachers.  I am not willing to walk through thorns, weeds, bugs and G-d knows what venturing into the woods for something we may or may not be able to find anyway.  I really thought the ones along this route would be what we call "park and grabs".  Oh well, maybe the next one will be simpler.

Nope.  The next one required another journey into waist high weeds with nettles, so we passed on it also.  And so it went with the majority of the others...into a swamp, into poison ivy, etc.

On our way back to the car we entered Bunker Hills and at first I thought we'd have to pay the $5 entry fee, but the nice man at the guard shack explained that was just for cars...bikes and walkers could go right on in.  Yippee Skippee!  Now we can target some of the caches within the park itself.

We almost had one when I read the description stating "don't be afraid to get on your hands and knees..." when I noticed all those wonderful three leaved plants.  Remembering a trip to the ER with welts from a previous brush with poison ivy I slowly backed up and admitted defeat once again.

Finally we found a "virtual cache" and could claim one victory at least.  A virtual cache requires locating the spot and then answering a question to prove you were really there.  At least we didn't have to wade through noxious weeds or swamps and battle insects to get this one.

On the way back to the parking lot I stopped to photo the beautiful gardens by the Activity Center.  I had to have some kind of victory today!  The photos that accompany this blog today are those from this gorgeous area, all of which were captured with the use of my Samsung phone.

Long Live the Queen of Flowers


  1. really gorgeous blooms. i'd probably be a wuss, too. no sense in stinging nettles, chigger bites, poison ivy, etc.

  2. I guess it depends, for me. I may brave thickets and thorns. Yellow jackets and spiders are the only things that give me pause. My curiosity would push me forward.

  3. I say nay, I'm a wuss at heart. No swamps and poison ivy for me. I do love your flower shots though. they are just beautiful. Which Samsung phone do you have? I'm looking to upgrade my phone, an older Samsung. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.