Friday, July 18, 2014

Photoshop Friday

Thank goodness my friends in Bloggerland are on top of this, I'd forgotten it was Friday.  The week has been crazy busy and I haven't been on my computer for a couple of days now.

I've been frantically working on some quilt projects for my daughter using the kids t-shirts and old baby clothes.  Of course I had several quilting projects of my own going at the same time, so nothing much else has gotten done around the RV.

My granddaughter, Kiersten and I went kayaking on Thursday and then I took over a gardening project at our kids house and got reacquainted with being filthy from head to toe.

So today we took it easier.  I had a massage at a place nearby and then after grabbing some lunch went shopping for a trellis and more plants for the side of her house.  When I got home I unloaded the plants and watered them, and then spray painted the trellis with a hammered dark brown metal paint to make it look even more smashing than it already did.

Now I'm wondering if the campground would mind if I planted a small hosta garden between our site and Jim and Kathy's.  It would be nice to return to a little shade garden each year and watch it grow.  

But I are the images for Photoshop Friday!

The original image

Edna came up with this sweet garden scene:

Andrea submitted this alternation:

I came up with two images, but neither enlarged very well:

Long Live the Queen of Full Living

Next Friday's image will be this little princess:


  1. Uh oh. Tell Gracie and George, "No grapes!" They are toxic. That being said, I am glad you brought this back. If I ever get PhotoShop, I may join in! Of course, I need to finish sorting through my pictures. Geez...too many Chores! Not enough Fun Time. Hug.

  2. For Ann, Photoshop Elements is just as good a program and a whole lot less expensive. Andrea has an amazing sense of humor in her image, and I love the beach scene with the shade cabana. What wonderful differences in all the images. Thank you for this fun M'Lady. You have certainly had a few very busy days, but I'll bet every minute of it was super fun. Hope your weekend is wonderful. Hugs, Edna B.

  3. Hi Well that all looks like fun and if I ever learn about photoshop, I will enter!! I would not know where to start. that shot for next week is a beauty in itself and why anyone would want to change it, baffles me! Have a great weekend

  4. Gee , does this mean you won't be sending me any more pics? So sad... :(