Thursday, July 3, 2014

Getting ready for the Fourth of July

Our plans are quite simple really.  As soon as our family departs for South Dakota for the summer celebrations we will invade their house.

They have things we I don't mean we'll be stealing the silverware and fine china.

They have Amazon Prime which gives them access to movies and we have a Downton Abby marathon planned.  

We discovered this series when I picked up Season Two at the public library and we became hooked.  

I then found season three, but we never got to see the very beginning of it all and we have questions.

So, the plan is to watch Season One at the Rossing home during their absence, and then we'll check out Season Four, which will bring us up to date.

The other thing I covet at the house is a long hot tub bath and
a good book.  I realize I could take a tubber there anytime, but there's always so much noise and confusion with an energetic family bustling about.  But an empty house and a bath tub....this is the stuff dreams are made least for older women like me.

Kiersten and Left Brain from an earlier visit to the theater

On the Fourth of July we have a date with the neighbors to go see The Jersey Boys.  I've seen it performed live and can't wait to see it again in the movies...great movie and great story.

This will be at the theater with reserve seating and leather reclining chairs, perfect for Kathy and her knees that are awaiting replacement. 

 Since the movie is at noon, we'll nosh on a bit of popcorn and then go for pizza or something afterwards for a late lunch.

Saturday Left Brain will drop me off at pickleball at 10:30 and go to the Rossings and mow the yard for them before they return.  Hey, for movies and a's the least we can do.

All in all, it's looking like a great stress-free, relaxing Fourth of July.

Long Live the Queen With No Need of Fireworks


  1. awww. some time in a quiet house sounds awesome for you both!

  2. You forgot to mention the loud booming firecrackers that will be going off everywhere ... you know, quite, relaxing background stuff. We have already had some that made the house shake ... really, people. This is a residential neighborhood! Oh well, I guess being an Old Poop carries some baggage. I am sure we have blown off a few boomers in our day, but today, I am not in the mood. Now, I could go for a quiet soak in a hot tub and a movie in a lounge chair with popcorn. You have the right ideas, I just hope you aren't disturbed by those who have other plans, Queen of Easy Living ...

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  3. The sound of that big ole empty house to one's self sounds gorgeous. I've never been in a theatre that has recliners for seats, but it does sound interesting. I don't do movie theatres, but this might be enough to tempt me. Gosh, I missed a lot here, but I'm getting caught up. Your story about the coupon and lunch was nice. It sounds like something I would do. And that gooey looking dessert looked oh so yummy. I hope your Fourth is enjoyable. I'm not going out to find any fireworks because it is just too darn hot. I'm sure there will be some on TV that will be just as fun to watch. You have a wonderful evening, hugs, Edna B.