Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sunday Dinner and a Movie

Being retired is so much fun…it's a bit like being on vacation all the time.

this tin of candy was from our beloved grandkids...who have the same weird sense of humor as their parents (and us)

The plan was to sleep in (that’s pretty much always the plan) and then figure out what we wanted to do.  Yup, not a lot of advance planning in our days.

We decided to revisit The Brunch Place for an earlier lunch and then head over to the movies.  Hmmm, kind of forgot about how busy it can be on a Sunday when the church crowd gets out.  The place was packed.

Left Brain was wearing his Green Bay Packers hat and the waitress refused to seat him at first because of it.  I asked for a table for one.  She laughed and guided us through the herd to a small table for two that was just being cleaned up.

Due to the crowd, the wait for our food took quite a while and we decided if the movie didn't work out, we’d just return home and try it again a different day.

The waitress that seated us came by the table several times with coffee and water and each time would reach over and turn his hat over to hide the Packers label.  I love a place with surly waitstaff…it makes it so much more fun.

Our crabmeat omelets with hollandaise sauce were wonderful.  It’s so nice to always have access to a wide variety of seafood as we’re trying to cut back on our red meat consumption.  Of course, this my main diet anyway.  When I “see food” I eat it.

As it worked out we had time to leisurely eat our brunch and made it to the movies just in time, we didn't even miss any of the previews.

Lone Survivor wasn’t an easy movie to watch.  It is based on a true story and showed the courage and bravery of our soldiers in Afghanistan and some of the tough decisions they face in war time.
It seemed odd not to have any popcorn or soda to clean up as we exited the theatre but I never really missed having it at all as we were so full from brunch.

Afterwards we had planned to stop and pick up some stuff at the store, but felt drained by the movie and instead retreated to the comfort of our patio.

Long Live the Queen of Relaxation


  1. Did you ever visit the establishment of Ed Debevic's? You have to be real surly to work there.

  2. Good thing Left Brain wasn't wearing a tie - they would have probably cut if off of him!

  3. I just love the "no crabbing" sign. Forgive me, but I'll have to borrow it. I can be a nice reminder to myself when I'm thinking of crabbing. lol. Enjoy the "see food", and have a wonderful day. Hugs, Edna B.

  4. Crabmeat Omelets ... mmmmm, my mouth waters. I love sea food and "see" food and any food as far as that goes. Might be my problem ... hmmmm. I want to see that movie, but almost dread it. I think everyone should see it and have an appreciation for what our troops go through over there. We certainly are not treating them right when they come home. There are so many things we should be up in arms about that we have become numb to all of it. Sad state of affairs ... See you Friday, Queen of PSF ...

    Andrea @ From The Sol