Sunday, February 9, 2014

Biking the islands

 We are finding that living the mobile lifestyle and always being in a warmer climate is making us much more active.  The first year of our RV’ing we didn’t seem to do quite as much, at least not at first.  I think we were both stunned and exhausted from selling the house, buying a motorhome and disposing of 90% of our belongings in 60 days.

But we've recovered fully now and are exploring all this life has to offer.  At our present location in Fort Myers Florida I’m loving the opportunity to play pickleball three days a week.  The community rec center just redid the courts and now we have six courts ready to go and the wait time between games has been substantially reduced, and often there is no wait time at all.  Oh for joy!

The off days from pickleball we go biking together.  Left Brain does longer harder rides while I’m busy playing, so now we are physically active in some way or the other each day.

Biking is proving a great way to see the area.  We visited Pine Island and after scouting the area stopped here for lunch.  

Left Brain had blackened grouper and I dined on coconut shrimp.  Once fed and ready we found a place to park the bikes and set off for a spin.

We passed so many sights while on the bike that it was hard not to keep stopping to snap a photo.  

We’ve noticed that these cattle egret following the livestock.  They enjoy the bugs that are pulled up from the cattle grazing. 

This one opted to take a little ride on the bull, which the bull didn't seem to mind.  The photo is horrible, but you get the idea.

At first glance these trees didn’t look like much, but they had the coolest flowers on them.

On our way through town we were taken with the colorful buildings and decorations found everywhere on the island.

It seemed particularly suiting to spy this image during the 50 year anniversary of the British Invasion by the Beatles.

Even the mailboxes were fun.

And we’re not sure why but this house had an entire row of the old fashioned rocking horses.  I recall having one of these as a kid, do you?

What fun to be sightseeing and getting a work out at the same time…and with yummy lunches tossed in to boot!

Long Live the Queen of Senior Cycling


  1. It certainly seems you are making the most of it. Good for you! I love the tortoise! I had many as pets, growing up. Great pictures. Thanks for sharing!

  2. really neat area full of plants that seem foreign to me. :)

  3. I love your photos! I am always amazed at the gorgeous flowering trees in Florida. I just love that painted trailer. Brings back lots of memories of the 60's and 70's. Those rocking horses bring back lots of memories too. I don't remember if I had one, but my kids had them. I think it's wonderful that the both of you can do so much fun exercising outdoors. Hmmm, those mailboxes are looking a speck familiar. Have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

  4. Good for you Queen Jester ... exercise will prolong your fun and wonderful life and a good lunch of coconut shrimp ... I'd trade places with you in a minute. I especially like how you got rid of everything. I am still stuggling with that issue ... I have so much stuff it is scary. Warm weather, bicycle rides, coconut shrimp ... sounds like a dream come true and you are the lucky one to be living it. Congratulations Queen of Happiness :)

    Andrea @ From The Sol