Sunday, February 16, 2014

Biking Sanibel Island

Sanibel Island is a delightful place to visit, it’s just getting over the bridge, through the toll and finding a parking space that takes some patience.
But once we were parked and the bikes unloaded we found this is the best way to see the island.  The island is about 1.5 miles wide and only 13 miles long, with biking paths the entire way allowing for 26 miles of safe biking.

We parked somewhat in the middle of the island and biked to the furthest point to see the lighthouse.  It was strictly a functional structure and not pretty enough to bother with a photo.

Along the way we found a place for lunch and Left Brain had a fish sandwich and I had a blackened grouper fish taco with sweet potato fries.

After we returned to the car he let me know that we had biked a total of 11 miles today.  Trip by trip I’m building up some endurance and it’s feeling good.

Leaving the island is always much easier and soon we were home again to enjoy our favorite pastime…sitting outside and watching the cats play in their tent city.

Supper consisted of some tomatoes and celery with peanut butter and raisins.   With the heat we are experiencing and having had a large lunch we just don’t have much appetite.

All in all….another day in paradise.

I have to share the lovely image Andrea used of the mailboxes - such an imagination she has!

Long Live the Queen of Island Biking 


  1. You know it's those tourists that make the traffic so horrendous. Wink, wink. Glad you had the bikes and there are now paths - new since many moons ago when we used to go shelling at Sanibel with my kids when vacationing in Ft Myers.

  2. Glad you are having warm weather. We just go another batch of snow, with more coming on Tuesday and Wednesday. Can't wait to get to Florida!! I love Andrea's version of the mailboxes. I agree, she has an awesome imagination. I noticed the Cheshire cat lounging on the mailboxes. This must be for Gracie and George!! It's time now for a hot cup of java. You have a wonderful day, and keep on biking!! Hugs, Edna B.

  3. Catching up on your fun ramblings, as I was away having some of own, in Green Valley Az.. Loving having many of your creative blog pages to peruse at leisure! The cat playground has blossomed into something you could put me into! Per bravery....if you want to do something , go for it! If you want adventures, just GO OUTSIDE! It can be a positive independent thing, going to eat/movie/etc, on your own. Sometimes more adventure comes while wandering around solo. I love both ways. And when you are carrying a camera, there is ALWAYS something to photograph! The world has endless patterns and so many interesting people. Recently found a unique metal woven bird cage, form of a bee hive. It's old, and adds another point of interest to my pond backyard. Don't know what strange thing I will put inside,'s hanging and swinging in the wind.... Please feel welcome to visit anytime, whether I am bouncing about at home, or out on a single, or social, adventure, you are welcome to explore....the hammock will be up when the snow melts ! :-) pond lois

  4. really cute edit on the mailboxes. :)

    sounds like a beautiful (and safe) place to bike!

  5. We eat at Doc Ford's on Sanibel Island because we enjoy reading the books by Randy White with Doc Ford as the main character. What a lucky gal you are to be on the island! Have you visited the Shell Museum? It sounds boring, but on a rainy day, it's a great diversion and you'll never look at a seashell the same again! :)

  6. Your next challenge is to get to Sanibel early enough to walk the beaches and get some shells ... It's easy going in the day time :) Just kidding, I am jealous that you can ride 11 miles and I can't even walk around the block. Of course that is because there is so much snow and ice one can't walk anywhere ... sometimes one can't even drive anywhere. But that is impresseive my Biking Queen friend. You are going to be in good hiking shape when you come through here ... you will probably have to sit and wait for me as I huff and puff behind you. Thanks for putting up my very late PSF picture ... I didn't see a new picture for next week ... did I miss it or is there not one there? I think I will go back and check. Don't want to get a late start on next week ... I'm already behind :) Glad you are finding so many ways to stay healthy ... not the least of which is having Gracie and George. They certainly have perked things up for you:)

    Andrea @ From The Sol