Monday, February 10, 2014

Growing grass in Florida

With all the hype lately about people growing medicinal marijuana, I figured I'd grow some grass as well....but not for us.

George has a sensitive tummy and always wants to eat grass to help with his digestive system, so why not grow our own? 
He also likes to chew on the wet dishrag, I'm not sure why....perhaps this is another little known cat remedy.

And you have to admit, it looks nice to have a house plant of sorts again in the window to admire.

The coffee cup is to make it heavy enough he can't yank it out by the roots and to keep it from tipping over. 

They both really get into dining at their favorite salad bar.

I love this coffee cup, created by a friend of mine named Joyce Diveley, an amazing potter. 

But it doesn't fit well under the Keurig so it never gets used for drinking coffee.  

But now I get to admire it all the time.

Don't you just love those win-win situations?

Long Live the Queen of Grass 


  1. This was a great solution for all involved. We grow catnip. I sun dry it and jar it for winter.

  2. What a great idea to grow grass for George and Gracie. It's healthy to have green plants indoors. I have one that I have been trying to keep alive for a couple of years now. For some reason, I don't seem to have a very good track record with keeping my plants alive. I love your mug. It looks hand crafted. Very nice indeed. It's really cold here - 5F degrees. At least the sun is shining. Even if it isn't warming things up, it looks nice. Gosh, I'll be so glad to get to Florida. I'm hoping it's a lot warmer there. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

  3. My cats love the grass too ... in fact they would eat any plant real or plastic that I put out in the house, so the grass is the only safe one to have. That is probably a good thing because I tend to kill house plants, even the plastic ones ... I am the black thumb of a family of horticulturists :) We all have our own special talents, but that is not one of mine ... though I do okay outside if I plant perennials that basically take care of themselves. The greens are good for cats. As preditors in the wild they get their greens by eating the contents of the stomachs of grass eating prey, so nature takes care of their needs that way. You do it in a coffee mug (a vey nice coffee mug, at that), so you are doing nature's work ... good for you. Enjoy your warm weather QJ ... it is below zero here again today. I am getting so used to it that it doesn't even feel cold ... So I will probably die of the heat when it gets up to 40 degrees (if ever). It's go with the flow time ... we will survive :) Have a great weekend, Queen of House Plants.

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  4. Most wonderful pretty cup of cat grass. Also appreciated word-painted picture of Loving Wakeup on Valentine's Day, nose to nose, cuddly wuddley. Furry fun. Sannibel Island. I was hoping for a shell picture. But maybe no waves bringing them in, just now? You sure do get around! You make everyday special! So glad you began Blogging! ^..^ pond lois