Friday, February 21, 2014

It’s too hot!

I know I will get no sympathy from my northern friends when I utter these words….but it’s true.  We are in the upper 80’s here in Florida and unless there’s a breeze blowing it’s hard to move….or breath.

I mean, seriously…how can we bike in this heat?  Unless we are willing to go at it the way these two have.

It’s too hot for the cats to play.  Gracie was searching through her toy box for just the right mouse to play with and was overcome with the need to take a nap. 

The best way to beat the heat is to lay low and eat cold things.  My new favorite are the fruit bars – very chilling and tasty at only 70 calories.

Of course, it’s never too hot to play pickleball.  I sweat profusely when I play anyway, so it really doesn't matter what the weather is like outside.

Not that I want it to be cold!  I’m not complaining here…just stating the facts.

Long Live the Queen of Heat 


  1. Did you take the photo of the two bike riders, Cheryl?


  2. For my FOTO FRIDAY it's your choice... you can choose your version of HOT. :)

  3. if it is humid (which i know it is there), yes, high 80s can be miserable. we get lots of over 100s here, but at least the humidity is usually about 30 - 35%. :)

  4. You and Tex Wis girl are just chuckling in your beer while the rest of us suffer through our miserable winters. I won't take your comments personally though I might privately wish for rain when you come through Chicago this summer, just sayin'. Enough weather talk. Love that you can see such neat birds in your drainage ditch of all things. And is it my imagination or is George developin a paunch :) Oh my ... best leave this coversation while I am ahead ... if, in fact, I am. Enjoy your furit bars ... they sound good even if they are cold, Queen of Empathy ...

    Andrea @ From the Sol