Thursday, February 20, 2014

Florida is for the birds….really

There are no shortage of birding trails in Florida, but finding them is not too difficult.

We always check the ditches when leaving the RV park to see who’s around.

There’s usually the normal assortment of ibis and egrets, but today we got to see a Wood Stork.  These birds are really tall and stick their entire beak and part of their head into the mud and muck in search of their meal.

It’s when they are in flight that they are really pretty and you can see the black feathers on their wingtips.

Along the shore you can find sand pipers.

If there are people fishing...there will be pelicans.

Long Live the Queen of Birds

And speaking of birds - the Photoshop Challenge of the pelicans won't be due until the following Friday to allow some time (mainly for me) to complete the work on it.


  1. awesome sightings! how great to just see them hanging around the ditches. :)

  2. You forgot to post a pic of all those snowbirds down there right now. I am sure they have a smile on their beaks too.

  3. I love your bird photos. How wonderful to be able to look around outside and find them all nearby. I'm hoping to find some places to photograph a lot of these beautiful birds. Time is getting closer now, and we are getting anxious. Only a week left to make sure everything is in order before Pogo and I head south. Today Pogo will get his hair trimmed. Have to look his best so he can charm everyone at the airport. lol. You have a wonderful day, hugs Edna B.

  4. A wonderful close up of the pelican (next to last)!