Friday, August 3, 2012

Time to reorganize

Scruggs found a spot in the bedroom to sit
It's been three months now and we've allowed things to settle into place more. 

 So, it's time to change up a couple of things.

The G-ddess of the Ethernet
First the cupboards.

  I had all my stuff in neatly labeled baskets and it looked great, but I lost a lot of space with the baskets. 

So, those had to go and now I can get the chips and things up there also.

I found this cupholder that was designed to be used in the car, but it fits nicely between the back of the dinnette seat and the arm of the couch.

Now I have a spot to safely put my beverages while on the couch.

The fan I had in the bedroom was too loud, so I bought a smaller upright one that is quieter and takes up less space.  Added benefit....I have a second fan in the living room. 

While in that room I decided to add a narrow plastic storage unit for my unmentionables and to put the shorts and capris into a drawer instead of hanging them up.  There's probably still a great deal of clothing I could part with altogether.

This three tiered basket is for holding desserts, but it works nicely in the kitchen for veggies, fruits, nuts and small odds and ends.  This way I only have one thing to grab when I need to remove everything from the top of the stove in order to use the burners.
The mixing bowls I had were okay, just cheap white plastic ones that stacked, but then I found these!  Not only do I gain an extra bowl in the process but with the lively colors they can double as serving dishes.  They have that old time ceramic look but are lightweight and plastic.

This odd little chair was something I couldn't toss out.  It finally occured to me to use it as a phone holder since it's right next to my charger.

While reading an RV forum I found that many people store their laundry in the shower. Duh! That would look much nicer than sitting in the bedroom, and they were in my way for walking around the bed and opening my drawers. 

Don't you just hate it when you find the obvious and realize you weren't smart enough to think of it yourself?

I used the old enamel pan I kept to start a little fairy garden.  I only have two miniature hostas and some small ground cover for now, but it will get there eventually.

I've found that the drawer under Left Brain's bench seat is almost never used as it requires moving the cart with the coffee maker on it, the trash can, the cat food, etc.  So I'm rethinking what needs to go under it instead.  This helps us as we shuffle stuff around to find those oddball things that we didn't remember we had or just couldn't remember where they were.

Now I think I need to go through the outside bays again and look long and hard at what's there and if something can go or be utilized better.

Long Live the Queen of She Likes To Move It Move It


  1. Have you left the North Country yet? Sorry I missed you Friday. :(

  2. Oh gosh, the little guy with the fairy wings is just too precious! I remember when I used to be so organized. Somewhere between 40 and 50, all the organization skills went out the window. Now if I don't set something down in the same spot all the time, there's a good chance I won't find it again. I think your little fairy garden is a great idea. I would never have thought of that. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

  3. Cheryl, I forgot to mention that there is a new award waiting for you on my blog. Have a great day, hugs, Edna B.

  4. love the little fairy garden. I'm much happier knowing you are getting your fingers in some dirt. also, I've been using colorful plastic bowls for can scoop them right into dishwater with no breaking, and the bright colors fill me with joy, and I like joy filling. lois