Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Moving on....again

We left Iron River early this morning, earlier than we had really planned to, but She Devil was quite insistent.  She started to meow a little before 6:00am and would not let up.  Apparently she knew we had a big day ahead of us.

So it was time to take our last big gulp of fresh pine scented air at Karnick Acres and pack up for our departure southward.

It's going to be hard to leave this place with its forest of pine trees and twinkling water on the lake.  It's no wonder it's called Crystal Lake...the reflections are like jewels.

We had it pretty plush sitting up here watching the lake and listening to the loons singing their haunting melody.  There were very few boats or people noises to be heard at all.

Shayna is a bit of a character and we share the same love of odd signs.  Her Alcatraz sign she presented to me earlier was one of the few decorative items that "made the cut" when packing for our new lifestyle.

She and the family arrived later on Sunday afternoon and stayed until about 6:00pm on Monday night.  This gave us an entire day to sit and visit and catch up, knowing it will be a long time before we see one another again.

It was fun to watch Joel and their son, Blake, toss around the football and play catch for some baseball practice.  I think we have a budding All-Star player on our hands here and it will be fun when he's famous to be able to say "I knew him since he was born".

I had forgotten until later that I have my softball glove in one of the cargo bays!  I could have played catch with them.  But maybe it was better I had forgotten...this way I still have use of my right arm.

And I needed that for my part of the driving today.  Left Brain started out and I researched for an app on my phone called Gas Buddy to locate the best price of gas en route as it was time to fill the dreaded beast.

The verdict was a Fleet Farm just north of Wausau so we pulled in and yes indeed it was $3.86 a gallon and there was one whole bank of pumps open...almost.  Right as we approached, some old duffer cut in front of us and proceeded to block our approach to the pumps. 

We are about 50' long when you consider the 32' motorhome and the car pulling behind it.  So, we sat back to wait until he was done and could get up far enough to reach the pumps.  As we were getting ready to pump the gas a nice man in a bright red pick up on the other side of the stands approached me with a coupon.  It was for another 4 cents a gallon off up to 100 gallons.  He just looked up at our rig and said "you need this more than I do".  Such a sweetie.

We put in our 52 plus gallons of gas (we weren't running that low) and paid the $207.64 and left.  Ouch!  This was our first major filling of the tank.  But after figuring out the mileage it appears we're getting a little over 7 miles to the gallon, which was better than I had thought we might.

Then it was MY turn to drive from Wausau into Wautoma.  The beginning was a little rough but after Left Brain stopped screaming and his sobs went down to mild whimpers, it got better.  Let's just say there were no "incidents" or arrests and all went well.

So, we are presently parked in our sister & brother-in-laws neighbor's driveway.  It's pretty level at the top and then slopes down...enough that the two rear tires are completely off the ground but the jacks have us nice and level.  Our view out the front is the garage door and there's a fair amount of highway noise, but it's free! 

We even have electric and water with the promise of a dumping appointment Saturday morning at the sewage plant.  It just doesn't get any better than this.  Add to that the fact our family's wireless internet reaches across a couple of houses to our RV and that is the icing on the cake.

Sister Mary prepared a lovely healthy supper for us and we toddled off to the RV for an early night.  It's so nice to have people that will take care of you when you crawl off the road after 300 miles of driving and are exhausted.

Tomorrow will be a nice relaxed day and I hope to get some more photos prepared to share.  But for now I will wish you all a good night.

Long Live the Queen of the Road

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  1. I have to admit, I would have a hard time leaving all that beauty behind. I have always wanted to live by water such as your pond.

    Wow, 52+ gallons! Mind boggling. But then I'm only used to my little car with a 12 gallon fill.
    And yes, I agree, it's nice to know that there are some really nice folks out there.

    Now I'm off to do some stuff around here. You have a wonderful day. Hugs, Edna B.