Friday, August 10, 2012

Rolling along

The Stone Arch Bridge is behind us
Last week we went on a "date" with our adult children and had a blast. 

We met up and went downtown Minneapolis for a Segway tour.

Our group ...short people in front...that would be me
These are some photos of that excursion.  The people who accompanied us on the tour were kind enough to take many photos and post them to a website where we can access them.

On the Stone Arch Bridge admiring the water fall
The day started out drizzly and a bit cool so everyone opted for the yellow slickers that proudly showed we belonged to the "Human on a Stick" segway tour.

What a sight we must have made as we glided over the sidewalks, bridges, streets and yards of the downtown area.

Me and Left Brain
Left Brain & me
In the afternoon, after our break at Mill City Museum, we removed the raingear and enjoyed the warm summer day.

The group
During the tour we learned that the flour mills were prone to explosions.  I never knew flour was so dangerous.  It's really a good thing I cook as little as I do...just for safety sake!

The four of us on our "date"
So it's MY understanding that Pillsbury wants to share the excitement of these spontaneous explosions by creating that "BOOM" when you try to open the tube of crescent rolls, pizza dough or whatever product you are working with.

I know that sound always scares me, even though I know it's coming and am waiting for it, it still sets my teeth on edge.  This is usually accompanied by traumatic memories of the hideous "jack in the box" I used to play with. 

Steph rolling along with Left Brain in fast pursuit
Really?  Why did they give these kind of toys to us as kids anyway?  And then read story after story of orphaned children alone in the woods with witches and wolves and everything but vampires and zombies (those didn't come until much later) that wanted to gobble us up! 

It's no wonder I have sleep problems!

Long Live the High Roller Queen


  1. Oh, now I want to try this! It looks like so much fun! We went to see "Punch and Judy" puppet shows when we were kids. Those two were always fighting with big sticks! You're right, such violence for us young kids. You have a wonderful day my friend. Hugs, Edna B.

  2. rolling along through've alwyas been the queen of rolling along! Don't miss the new Meryle Streep, Tommy Lee Jones, Steve Carell movie. Hope Springs....cute. :-) lois of pond fame