Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Dream interpretation

Dreams are not only entertaining, they have information for you if you only know how to interpret them.

I've been experiencing many more dreams while using the CPAP machine, which allows me to reach that lovely REM sleep state.  Aaaah.

They did tell me that eventually I'll want to replace the tubes and nose piece as they will stiffen with time and not be as supple and comfortable.  I'd been ignoring that message.  This is where the dreams kicked in.

My first dream was that I was a great white shark and was just having a blast swimming around the beach area and scaring the crap out of people.  Being a shark might be kind of cool when you think of it that way.  However, the mean old people retaliated and hired some guy named Ahab to catch me.

And he did this by hooking me in the nose.  I fought and fought as hard as I could from the pain and finally shook him loose.  This was where I woke up and found I had shook my face mask completely off and the air was making a hideous sound, much like a dying shark might sound.

Hmmm.  That was interesting.  I think that might be a sign I need to replace the nose piece.  But not the tubing, that certainly will last longer.  Right?

Enter the second dream.  I'm a tiny baby and ready to be born but I'm having difficulty.  My breathing is becoming rapid and labored.  This was how I felt when they had to help pull me from the kayak during our recent demo so I chalked it up to that experience.  Message ignored.

As I went back to sleep I was again in the birth process.  There was a pressure on the top of my head.  Hmmm. I had recently tightened the face mask straps, maybe a bit too hard.  So I eased those up and resumed my slumber.

Now I'm through the birth canal.....What!  Again with the birthing dream.  Where the heck is this going?  Okay, I get it...new birth...new life style for us.  That makes sense.  But I feel like I'm being strangled here, what's that about.  Oh my goodness...the umbilical cord is wrapped around my neck - it's choking me!  Somebody help.....oh. 

Now that I'm fully awake again I see that I must have been twisting and turning during the "birth" as the six foot plastic tubing that runs between the CPAP machine and my mask has gotten wrapped around my neck.  Good grief!

Okay...okay!  I can take a hint.  I'll get this replaced soon!  Now please...let me go back to sleep....perchance NOT to dream.

Long Live the New Born Queen


  1. They say that dreams really do have messages for us if only we could figure them out. You're doing pretty good so far. At least they wake you up in time to fix the problem.

    Be safe on the road, and have a fabulous day. Hugs, Edna B.

  2. Last night Irv dreamt he was with Hubert Humphrey at a Matzo anonymous program... Go figure.