Saturday, December 13, 2014

Soggy Saturday

The rains in California continue as does the damage from mudslides.  In San Jacinto (right next to Hemet) the local synagogue was removing Torahs and articles of value to protect from possible damage.  Several people were told to evacuate the area.  So far we are doing well, the only problem being some standing water on the pickleball courts, but that dissipated quickly when the sun returned.  Let's face it, this is not Camelot, even though there is a building complex  here that says otherwise.

Left Brain came down with a sudden cold and has been pretty miserable for the last couple of days, so I did the best I could for him.  I left the RV.  I figured it was a good time to vacate and run errands and just let him sleep.  He's better today and put another 15 miles on his bike this morning.

A man at pickleball was trying to describe when the best time is to make an overhead smash.  He diplomatically stated it was when the ball was about high.  I nodded my acknowledgement and waited for a bit before turning to ask him this question. "Is that where they were before or since migrating with age?"  He was useless the rest of the game.

I love the ingenuity people come up with during the creative process.  I mean, who wouldn't just love having a heart to heart conversation while using this "conversation toilet". 

It reminded me of the double holer outhouses of days gone by, but this is so much more stylish.  Perhaps the two occupants could play poker during their time together, I can certainly imagine one saying "Royal Flush" and then the other person hitting the button.  It might be fun...who knows.

Well, this seems like an appropriate time to finish up today's blog.

Long Live the Queen of the Royal Flush


  1. I guess in Camelot Poo Pourri was invented a long time ago.

  2. Camelot looks quite pretty. I'm hoping that the flooding and mudslides don't come too close to where you are. Where in the world did you find that conversation toilet? Speaking of the old two seaters, we had a three seater in our back yard when I was twelve an thirteen years old. I think we had the only one left in the neighborhood. It was definitely not fun!! The second year we were in that house, Daddy built on an indoor bathroom to the house. Oh my, that felt so good!

    I'm hoping that LB is feeling better soon. Being sick with a cold is just not fun. You take care, and have a wonderful day. Hugs, Edna B.