Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A cheap date

We enjoy eating out, mainly because I'm too lazy to cook much and neither of us like doing the dishes.  

Left Brain gets these discount coupons from Restaurant.Com so often it's a surprise when we arrive since we have no knowledge of these places in advance.  Sometimes the surprise is pleasant and other times it's an experience.

I refer to it as an experience rather than being unpleasant, because that is within your control....and we avoid unpleasant and try to see the humor in the situation instead.

Here's how our last date went.  We had a $10 discount coupon for the Office Bar & Grill, our requirement was to spend a minimum of $20.  Not a problem.

We arrived to this rather, shall we say...unattractive establishment and pulled around the back to park.  

Opening the door revealed a dark, cave-like atmosphere with a whiff of nicotine near the entry.  First impressions are so important, but we ventured in anyway....fools that we are.  

After a while our eyes adjusted and a frazzled looking woman approached us to take our order.  We asked for a menu and she reached over to another table and pulled the tiny piece of paper out and handed it to us.  Yup, pretty much bar food...but sometimes that can be tasty so we both opted for the Fish & Chips.

The lady informed us that she would be our cook today, but she was not the regular cook and she'd do her best.  She was waiting on tables, cooking and working the bar....alone.

After a bit she rushed back to our table and announced "Here's how it's going to can have a hamburger or a cheeseburger with fries or onion rings."

Okay, we'll play along.  I ordered a burger and Left Brain opted for the cheeseburger.  Since this was a lower priced item I added on a soda to go with his beer.  Trying to get the total up to $20 is going to be a challenge here.

When our food was presented we both had hamburgers.  She swept back into our area to apologize that she couldn't find the cheese and did the best she could.

The burger was actually pretty good, the onion rings had a distinct fish flavor so I'm guessing it's been a while since the oil has been changed.  But, it's lunch and we managed to devour each bite.

Total bill....$13.00.  No way we were going to come close to the $20 limit.  Luckily, he can go back to the website and exchange this for something else, cause I'm not going back there.  Once is an adventure, twice would just be stupid.

Let's just say I'm not going to jump on to Yelp and prepare a raving revue any time soon.

Long Live the Queen of Greasy Food


  1. you managed quite well, considering... :)

  2. Oh my...yuck. Adventure is definitely a fair description of this lunch event. I am glad it was edible with no repercussions.

  3. Love your positive attitude, as you say you won't go back though. Enjoying your travel chats.