Thursday, December 18, 2014

Good Fences

It seems every yard here in our California town has a fence, I've never seen quite so many as here.

But this one really caught my eye since it was covered it all these beautiful bright blooms.  It goes down the entire block and it was hard to get it all in.

Long Live the Queen of Fences


  1. it's beautiful! thanks, dear queen!

  2. oh wow that is one beautiful fence.

  3. I know, you are just trying to show us all up. Nobody gets beautiful fences like that ... why should you? Are you kidding me ... we may all have to come visit you in California. WAIT, I thought everyone got rained and mudded on in California and here you are in the sunshine with a beautiful floral fence. Perhaps we should raise the issue of sorcery ... hmmmm. Nice one Queen of new layouts. I like this artsy canned ham.

    Andrea @ From The Sol