Sunday, December 7, 2014

It's all a puzzle to me

It doesn't rain much here, but when it does it provides a good opportunity to catch up on some cleaning or chores around the RV.  Or, instead of that....doing jigsaw puzzles.  I picked up a couple to play with a while back and now I finally have time to indulge.  One has a cat theme (of course) and the other has a travel theme.

Gracie just felt she had to assist with the cat themed one.

I was trying to figure a way to manage doing these in a small enclosure when I stumbled upon some foam core board at Wal-mart.  Ah ha!  If I taped two of these together I'd have a lightweight, flat, easy to store puzzle holder.  It worked perfectly.

I knew that Green Bay Packer duct tape would come in handy someday.

When I have it open inside the RV I can slide the right hand portion under the countertop to get it out of the way.  At night I fold the top over it for cat-proofing and slide it under the countertop again to secure it.

Those pesky cats are always trying to help me, whether it's making the bed or working on these puzzles.

I don't mind Gracie's efforts to assist, but she keeps wanting to smack the pieces on the floor.  George prefers trying to eat them....but he is fixated on food.  

I picked up a trick along the way at another park that I enjoy.  When dismantling the puzzle, the edge pieces are put into a small ziplock bag.  It makes it easier to search out the beginning of the puzzle that way.  So, it's all done and ready for the next assembly.

Long Live the Puzzled Queen


  1. If you dress the cats up in outfits, they will leave you alone. Just sayin'.

  2. too funny - i've done the edge pieces in a baggie method, too. :) good for you on finding a way to keep the pieces safe from kitties when you're not working on it!

  3. I store my edge pieces in a baggie too. It saves on time when I want to do the puzzle again. I like your puzzle mat/cover. That's a great idea. I've always found that when I wanted to do a puzzle the pets, especially the cat, (we always used to have a cat) wanted to right on top of the puzzle. It just makes it more interesting. We're hoping you stay dry and warm. Have a wonderful evening, hugs, Edna B.